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NewsweekAs a news junkie, I find that "media created" news is on the rise. Legitimate news organizations are increasingly lowering their standards for want of increased circulation and sensational journalism. Should we be concerned with this? No, if you're a caged bird needing new bottom-liners; otherwise, just read blogs to get your daily news -- they're just as reliable as Newsweek's Koran-desecration story, NY Times' Jayson Blair or Charlie LeDuff unsourced stories, or Dan Rather's Bush forged-documents story -- and the best part: expectation of "objective journalism" never enters the mind.

Media creations making front page or cover without merit include:
I see a pattern ... American journalism is just going down the toilet, or do we just not see the blunders overseas? For sure, overseas trivia news never seems to make it over here; exception is news regarding Royalties (make this one last, Charles).

Actually, it's just probably the news I am currently subscribing to ... it is time to review what is getting to my e-mail inbox.

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Blogger Nam LaMore

I just re-read this post ... should I delete it? I have no clue what this post is about - I need to remember that anything written after midnight has no purpose or sense.

Anonymous Anonymous

I like your Tom Cruise description, clever.

My favorite news sources are the walls street journal online, and the financial times paper delivered to my doorstep. Expensive, but I cashed in sky miles i knew I would never use.

You are right, the rest of what is written out there is a big waste of energy to read sometimes.

Blogger Jaded Maniac

well, at least we still have good old fashioned reliable news out there, such as the Weekly World News. That's how I know that JFK is still alive, that Jesus' sandal was found in central park, and that a soldier that has been frozen in 1942 is alive and well. I don't think you give these sources the credit that they deserve.

Blogger Knottyboy

It seems like this country has turned into one be night of Hee Haw. Picking and a grinning we distract ourselves with everybody elses lives no matter how mediocre they are. Who gives a rats ass who tom is schtupping. He's a queen who is aging badly and won't listen to his true self...and...
[hangs head in shame]
Yes I too have been eating up some of this tripe. Just hand me those cut off overalls and my banjo. Thanks,

Blogger Nam LaMore

peri: ah, i used to read the wall street journal every day at work .. now i have access to it via starbucks, or when the neighbors don't bother taking the paper to work in the morning (she leaves before me). i love the financial times, i used to know a few reporters there and could get comp subscription .. not anymore!

and, i'm saving my 125K miles for .. i'm thinking of australia or new zealand at year's end.

it's just that i get very exhausted wading through the news that, eventually, has no "real" content .. i'll probably be blamed for having expectations.

Blogger Nam LaMore

jadedmaniac: jesus' sandal found?!? but i've been surfing ebay for months and hadn't seen it listed .. cuz that would be worth bidding on (the cheese toast wasn't worth bidding).

indeed, the current rash of media scandals is creating an opportunity for alternative and second-string media to shine! i hope they won't bunckle under the pressure.

Blogger Nam LaMore

knottyboy: the odd thing it, the tone of the country feels just like when our family first came to this country in the early '80's. normally, i would say, "let's dance!" but it doesn't feel like it's the right thing to say. the country has become so much more 'serious' and 'absurd' at the same time.

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

Wait a minute, you mean the things you listed *aren't* news? Then how come that's all I am seeing on tv? Tom and Katie must be more important than, say, the war in Iraq!

Blogger Nam LaMore

truejerseygirl: what war?

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

I thought that Katie Holmes was an ugly chubby duck in Dawsons Creek. I didn't believe Tom Cruise was dating her when I heard the news.

I don't know but everytime I see Ahnol Zwurtzieneger, I see an Austrian porno star.

I never liked Hugh Grant. He looks WIMPY to me.

And WMD, you mean Woman's Monthly Dude? Hehe. Well lots of women dream for that!

Blogger Nam LaMore

the dutched pinay: i wouldn't be surprise if there are arnold porn mags and videos out there!

i had no idea who katie holmes was until i saw the relationship story, and even so, i kept think of the other katie (goldie hawn's daughter).

in some ways, i feel sorta out of touch with american entertainment news. ironic, considering i spent the greater goods of my impressional teens in los angeles!

Blogger jaja

true.. true.. I never watch Dawson Creek, and I don't know any Ms. Holmes before.. I read that she will be playing a part in MI:3 along side Tom Cruise.

These are all propagandas to sensationalize their lukewarm career. There was no chemistry at all.. and never was between BenNiffer...

What a joke..

Blogger Nam LaMore

jaja: wow! i had no idea there was an MI3 planned, and she is in his movie (no surprise!) .. this is so transparent, but i suppose they think we are that gullible.

oh, the benifer deal .. that was just such a joke .. i just couldn't believe how funny that was.

Blogger mquest

P.R. firms create and write the news. It is all about spin.

Blogger Loz

maybe... but i saw a preview of "war of the worlds" the other day and I didn't hate Tom anymore. We've not been on speaking terms since he dumped Nicole for Pene. I don't think if this has anything to do with the fact that I now hate Nicole.
I get the terrible feeling I've been sucked in.

WEEKLY WORLD NEWS: Pregnant man gives birth. Also, the Garth Brooks Weekly World News Juice Diet.

Blogger Nam LaMore

mquest: oh, it's far more insidious than you can imagine. take a quick look at .. and decide for yourself :-)

Blogger Nam LaMore

loz: ah, then the preview is turning you into a believer! funny, you haven't spoken to tom since paired with pene .. that's such a coincidence, that's around the time that niki and i started to attend kabbalah classes .. we decided that madonna and gwyneth have that crowd, so we're still looking for another religion to call our own .. maybe the moonies - i'll have to drop a note to niki and se what she thinks.

ah, the weekly world news .. always so much more exciting than the mundane, local news about grandma's cat stuck in a tree.

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