Top 10 Conversative Idiots

The Democratic Underground group has published their list of TOP 10 CONSERVATIVE IDIOTS; in general I agree with the list, but swapped in a couple of others (in parantheses).
George W Bush - pledge of allegiance
1. Tom DeLay
2. Power-hungry Maniacs (Dick Chaney)
3. George W Bush
4. Gannon Reflux
5. Soggy Conservatives (Donald Rumsfeld)
6. Ann Coulter
7. Sean Hannity
8. Condoleezza Rice
9. Jim Welker
10. Bay Bachanan
Note that George W isn't sure where his heart is for the Pledge of Allegiance; say the Pledge of Alliance with me: I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. (June 14, 1954).
Who else would you put on the list?
Dick ChaneyTom DeLayCondoleezza 'Condi' RiceDonald Rumsfeld
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Anonymous Sandra Louchard

Re: Bush picture.
George W is just letting us know where his heart is, and bleeds green goo!
- Sandra Louchard

Anonymous Malcolm

I would include:
* Rush Limbaugh
* Michael Savage
* Gordon Liddy
* Antonin Scalia
* David Horowitz

Those are the nasty boys on my list. Perhaps we should have open hunting season with them on the list.
- Malcolm C

Anonymous Jean-Paul

I don't think Condi should be on the list. She's just a puppet, non? JP

Blogger Rik

I don't care what you say, Condi Rice is a hottie.

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Oooops. Maybe Bush is hungry thats why he placed his hand in his stomach instead of his heart!

Blogger Nam LaMore

sandra louchard: nah, that would mean he has a heart .. that's too much for me to consider.

malcolm: oh yeah, i forgot all about rush limbaugh .. i don't hear about him much these days, is he still around after that whole mess regarding prescription drugs?

jean-paul: well, i have a fondness for picking on her. she does have an oil tanker named after her. i know, i know: "what does that have to do with the price of tea in china ...?"

rik: you're absolutely right. i would rather deal with her then, say, donald rumsfeld. she, at least is pleasant to look at .. yikes, i've just totally debased our state secretary. damn the inner voices!

the dutched pinay: good point; however, i don't think i've ever seen a press photo of george w ever eating. i can attribute this to one of two things:

1. the lesson he took away from his dad throwing up in lap of a japanese dignitary;

2. his choking on a pretzel embarrased him (the bush family certainly doesn't look good with food around!); or

3. george w is a robot and doesn't require food; this is the most likely case, as he can't seem to handle new, unexpected situations (algorithm doesn't recognize exception handlings)

Blogger Raised By Republicans

RE: Bush picture

It's almost like he's trying to strike a Napoleonic pose but can't figure out how to put his hand inside his jacket.

Blogger Raised By Republicans

Oh, and I really think David Horowitz should be on the top 10. This guy is leading a full on assault on academic freedom across the country.

Blogger Nam LaMore

raised by republicans: when i saw the picture, i was stumped .. i just couldn't believe how unaware/clueless our president is. i'm guessing he probably didn't go to presidental etiquette classes. how tall is george w? he doesn't have a napoleon complex, does he? so many questions for the village idiot.

i'm horrified with what d.horowitz is doing. if he had been running the show when i first came to this country .. i probably would be blogging in my native language (french) rather than in english! hmmm .. maybe it's time to learn ebonics .. wonder if the university of phoenix offers ebonics courses, something to inquire about.

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