Fossil Skull = Modern Man?

Fossilized Skull identified as human ancestorNew fossil finds and a computer skull reconstruction bolster the case that an ancient creature that grabbed headlines in 2002 really is the earliest known ancestor of modern humans, researchers say. More from AP ->

Whenever a story about fossil finds come up, I can't help but think: Scientists are so arrogant to think they can reconstruct a whole skeleton, life story, culture, belief system, etc. from a tiny, singular bone. It gets more absurd when it comes to dinosaur fossils.

Though it may not apply in this case, I'm always perplexed by such "facts." As a kid, I only knew that the people telling us, "I know we only have a fossil tooth, but we know it's a T.rex .. This is what it looked like .. This is how it moved .. This is how the big thunder lizard moved .. This is what it ate .." Scientists told us this, and I believe them completely; afterall, we were told to respect the steps of scientific method as emperical truths. It was impressed upon us that science can do no wrong.

If I am gonna believe in such none-sense as half-baked truths, then I expect a bit more than just taking their words for it; otherwise, I would have to say that everything in the Bible must be true.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge..." ~ Albert Einstein

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Anonymous John Williamson

Yeah, I agree. I always hated when some dumb-ass scientist speculates the mating behavior of a 'newly' discovered dinosaur based on a single tooth. - JW

Anonymous Catherine

I remember Sunday school: Evolution was still a sore topic, and the sisters said there is no evidence for human evolution. - Catherine

Anonymous Jenny Lee

It's hard to think that we 'evolved' from monkeys, but whatever. I hope it's not true, because that would make me so sad to think that God didn't create us, that we came from some beast. - Jenny Lee

Blogger Ben

I agree, but always find it interesting to read when they find a new fossil. They may be arrogant, but it is at least interesting stuff.

Blogger Nam LaMore

john williamson: there's so much controversy in the science communtiy that it's tough to know who to believe .. so, it's just easier to believe the scientists who has the most $$ backing their research!

catherine: hmmm, i try to be open; but it's tough to ignore darwin's writings.

jenny lee: i would rather not get into that debate here; it's such a personal issue that each of us have to decide for ourselves.

ben: yes, yes .. it is interesting, and so i love hearing about the latest discoveries. maybe one day, scientists will discover 'space-faring' dinosaurs .. oh wait, that was an episode of on 'startrek'.

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