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This is a list of webcams from around the world.
Note: This post was originally published on March 26, 2005; certain entries, like this one, are backdated to reduce clutter of the main blog.

webcams around the U.S.A. | webcams around the World

It's human nature to be curious and explore our environment. At first, we may have just watched our immediate surrounding .. then with technological advances, we moved on to watching people and places and events elsewhere. The arrival of the Internet allowed anyone with a decent computer and connection to have a glimpse of the world without leaving the front door.

The six o'clock news and documentaries, were, and still are, THE reality shows of choice for me; other "old-school" reality TV shows that caught my attention were game shows (who didn't love seeing Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune?), talk shows (Jerry Springer's is indeed the worst television show, ever), and beauty pageants (Miss America is still on, right?). However, the new subcategories of reality tv programming do not appeal to me as I do not relate to the participants, these programs include MTV's The Real World and CBS's Survivor.

A vision of the world, according to some futurist, is the presence of ubiquitous technology allowing for complete monitoring and recording of all activities. The idea of privacy and privacy zones become a luxury. Indeed, we have arrived at the age of big brother as foretold in George Orwell's 1984.

Links of interest:

webcams around the U.S.A. | webcams around the World


CALIFORNIA: Santa Cruz Linda's Cafe | Santa Cruz downtown | Santa Cruz Skate Shop (cam at bottom) | San Francisco multicams | San Francisco multicams | Big Sur Nepethene Restaurant | Sausalito SF harbour | Mono Lake multicams | Hermosa Beach beach walkway | Beach Cities Venice Beach, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica Pier | Los Angeles cityscape | Long Beach Queen Mary & LA harbour | Yosemite Valley landscape

COLORADO: Pikes Peak landscapes

FLORIDA: Smyrna Beach ocean view

HAWAII: Maui multicams, scenic

ILLINOIS: Chicago Navy Pier

KENTUCKY: Churchill Downs multicams, Kentucky Derby

NEVADA: Las Vegas multicams | Las Vegas multicams wedding chapels, hotels | Reno street/landscape


NEW YORK: Time Square multicams, tourists

WASHINGTON: Seattle top of Space Needle


ANTARTICA: Davis Station landscape | Macquarie Island station

CANADA: Montreal multicams, downtown, biodome (penguins!) | Niagra Falls falls

CZECH REPUBLIC: Prague Prague Castle

ENGLAND: London multicams Big Ben, Trafalgar Sq, Aquarium (sharks!) | London multicams, busy areas | Piccadilly Circus Golden Square

FRANCE: Paris Eiffel Tower

ISREAL: Jerusalem Western Wall

MEXICO: Cabo San Lucas Mango Deck Restaurant | Puerto Vallarta tourists

NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam Salon d'Art | Amsterdam Kalverstraat Street

NEW ZEALAND: Dundin multicams, cityscape, beach

PANAMA: Canal bridge, locks

PORTUGAL: Cascais beach

SCOTLAND: Edinburg historic downtown Glasgow downtown

SPAIN: Barcelona multicams scenic, downtown | Ibiza multicams harbour | Santiago de Compostela Cathedreal Botafumeiro

SWEDEN: Uppsala campus Duved ski-resort

SWITZERLAND: Geneva airport

last update: march 23, 2005
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Anonymous Jean c

Nice collections of webcams. I checked out the sharkcam and the tigercam.

- Jean

Blogger Storm Trooper


Anonymous Alberta Hagens

These are some fun links you have. And I went to check out some of the other webcams at the links you provided, thanks!

- Alberta Hagens

Anonymous Laura R

Please include more animal cams. My kids loved the panda cam.
- LR

Anonymous Elaine S

I was just looking around and came to your site by accident, glad I did. I actually stayed on your site for a long time, because the other posts are witty, yet informative. Great blog!

Keep it fresh,
- Elain S.

Blogger Johnny Griswold

Here's some San Diego webcams:


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