You're Kidding, You Know Who?!?

Wanted: White House InternAs a college student with few financial means, my friends and I often had to come up with activities of low- or no-budget. Aside from the "Perfect Dinner Guests" game, another game that kept us entertained to the wee hours between exam weeks was the "You Know Who?!?" game. I couple of them went on to become Whitehouse interns. [click on image to enlarge for better legibility]

The object of this game was to name five people that you know, that the others would not think you would know. You were then scored on the 'believability' scale: "0" for I completely can't see that, to "10" for so what's so unbelievable about that? The secret scoring was totaled and shared after everyone had named their five people; lowest score wins. Variations of the game included just a chance meeting to having dated or befriended the person. The honor system applied in this game. At stake (usually): bags of potato chips snuck out of the dining hall.

So here's the revived game, with the variation of occupations of people I know. I have friends who identify for their occupation:
Sex Worker
"Annie" was a nanny for a few years, but needed to make fast money (to pay for school) and decided to post an escort personal ad. Within a couple of months, she quit as a full-time nanny and became a full-time escort. She said it was fun and lucrative to be an escort, and later became a sex worker because it was more fun and more lucrative. She is finishing her studies to be a heathcare worker, and has no plans to fold her business after getting her degree. She is very safe with her clients; Annie is an old friend and I try not to judge her profession.

Movie Star
Though "Matt" is not the Hollywood type, he hopes to make it big one day. He's been in lots of TV commercials, some off-broadway plays, and a few independent flicks. I hope he makes it big one day, and manages to keep his small-town charms. The seduction of Hollywood's live fast and large lifestyle can be all-consuming.

Multi-Millionaire Helper
The dot-com bubble burst did leave some financially-responsible friends intact. One Friend - "Allan" - is still the really nice guy that I knew long before he came to his fortune. He's putting his fortune in real estate (but he still can't get much for his money in the hot housing market). He has yet to quit his stressful job; he tells me it is rewarding to be in the customer service department of his company.

Trust-Fund Baby
I actually know a few trust-fund babies -- those who are fortunate enough to have money set aside in a trust-fund. "Elizabeth," "John," and "Michael" do not ever need to work, but they do so because they don't want to take their hand-me-down fortune for granted. "Tony" works to have a social life, while "Karen" volunteers her time to literacy and AIDS/healthcare causes. I don't think I would keep in contact with trust-fund slackers.

Homeless Buddy
It's true: homelessness exists in the U.S.A. In the San Francisco Bay Area there are about 7,000 homeless people. In the land of milk and honey, it is far fewer than six degrees of separation to someone who is homeless. My friend "Philip" is hardworking, proud and humble. He's homeless, but refuses to live off the government or tourists. When I see him, I treat him to a simple lunch; this gives us a chance to sit down and catch up. Otherwise, he's busily asking store-keepers for day work. For him, homelessness is a lifestyle and a choice.
Surprise that I have friends with such diverse occupations? Me too. Just so it's clear: all names have been changed for obvious reasons. If you are one of my friends listed here, then I hope you're not offended that I wrote about you here.

This post is dedicated to all my friends who are mentioned here .. you know who you are!

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Anonymous Chris

Love the game. I'm gonna round up the gang and play that tonight. We need a break from studying. I think the original rules work for us, we all know each other pretty well in this dorm. Most of us actually went to highschool together.

- Chris

Blogger AmerAzn

I love the story about "philip" It just softened my heart and made me realize that I often find myself judging those that are homeless, but your post has given me a new perspective.

I'm so glad I've met you *per say*...I'm learning so much from you...heh

Blogger DanTheresa

the game sounds like a lot of fun! i hope i get to play it with my friends soon.

Blogger Nam LaMore

chris: enjoy the game .. let me know how it works out for you.

amerazn: i've really enjoyed meeting you .. the blog community opens so much more of the world to form new friends. glad that we met!

my mom is very compassionate, and she's constantly giving food or money to homeless people she comes across. i don't always approve of her actions, but she's from the old school of 'one community, one world'!

dantheresa: i hope you do get to play the game, it's very telling of the company that you and they keep! i remember playing this would often result in heated discussions over politics, religions, etc. it is a great way to get to know your friends, and for them to know you. and what's best is that it's only a game, so everyone respects everyone else at the end!

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation


You got really diverse friends! Thats just sooo cool :-p

Like you, I too have diverse friends too, from the eccentric to the exotic to the demure. Hehe.

I like people who are not self-righteous and use whatever book or doctrine they uphold to thump on other people's lives.

Blogger Nam LaMore

the dutched pinay: indeed, i am fortunate to have such good friends who put up with me! i learn so much from each of my friends, whether on- or off-line. i certainly get a different perspective from each of my friends.

and the blog community has certainly been fantastic! i don't mind the religious fanatics in my life, just that i can't take too much of certain topics over coffee with them. i may publish another set of fives, but i have to get their ok first - as a courtesy and not to invade their privacy (even if i disguise name, switch gender, relocate home, etc.).

what's a lesson, or perspective that you've learned from a friend that others did not think you had such a friend?

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Nam, the lesson would be: "never underestimate or overestimate!". And I always try to strive on "objectivity", not only with work, business, socials, etcetera but also with relationships.

Blogger Nam LaMore

that sounds very wise .. are you sure you were not born with the soul of a wisdom keeper from the mohawk nation? reading your blog is like getting an insight into humanity.

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