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Unless you were living in a cave somewhere in the desert (heck, even Osama is staying current with world events, as he's still elusive), last week (and into this weekend) was a rather intense news week .. Pope died .. Terri Shiavo died .. massive earthquake .. So I need a light-hearted post ... During my teen years, I would whileaway the days reading comic books. Some of my favorite characters were (still are, actually), click for profile: Dazzler | Karma | Snowbird | Nightcrawler Dancing SpidermanVisit this site for more superheroes of my yesteryears. Why did I read so much comic books back and relate so much to superheroes during my teen years? Teen angst .. 'nuff said. Though I don't read comic books anymore, I do occassionally flip through the comic book racks while shopping. I gave my sister my collection, and she's still keeping up with the X-Men, can you believe it?

Alpha Flight #15Alpha Flight #12Alpha Flight #6Alpha Flight #4Alpha Flight #3X-Men Graphic Novel: God Loves, Man KillsThe reason is Karma
X-Men & Teen Titans

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Anonymous Lawrence Shaver

It's too bad I stopped collecting comic books, cuz it seems like everyone's doing a live-action movie now. Remember the Hulk movies? It was so cheesey.

- Lawrence Shaver

Anonymous Claire Summers

I'm surprised that you didn't list "old school" superheroes like Wonder Woman or Superman. I tend to like those better. X-Men is nice, but they have too many problems.

Blogger Ben

So, how did you find my site and why do you think its entertaining?

Anonymous Tina Fisher

Not sure if you read them, but Marvel's brining back Power Pack.

Blogger ding

i loved dazzler and nightcrawler. storm was my fave, though. she was the only black girl i could find!

i used to read them in junior high; i remember the boys thinking i was weird for trading with them. remember the mutants who lived underground and the woman who was their protector? (i can't remember her name - leather, not beautiful and had an uneasy relationship with the x-men.)

i think the books have gotten a little preachy for me but i still check in on them. and yes, i still read comics!

Blogger Nam LaMore

There are many more black superheroes now .. but, none of them reach the regal-quality of Storm .. but you know, Halle Berry wasn't that great playing Storm; better would have been Angela Bassett. I doubt if she would ever play a comic book character; Angela's somewhat of a snob in Tinseltown (so my informants tell me).

You might be interested in this NY Times article.

Blogger Akh

I used to LOVE the X-Men! I loved how their problems were very much dual meaning-ed... (word? i think not.) Anyway, my only beef with them is all the plot-lines, backgrounds, characters, sub-plots, history, inter-meshing of everything, etc., etc., etc.!

Blogger Nam LaMore

akh: glad to know you also enjoyed the x-men. but, i have to tell you, they really messed around with some of my favorite characters: karma has interfaith identity crisis (name is from buddhism, costume via taoism, and religion is catholicism) and mantis (prostitude-turned-celestrial madonna; is now part, or wholey, plant-based lifeform)

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