Poem of Memories

I went on an archaeological dig in my mom's garage (part of the reason for my visit to Southern California this week) and found many childhood memories. Beneath a dusty yearbook is a poem I had written in 1987; it's an ode to "Yearbook Day" of My High School, Anytown, USA. It was reprinted in my high school's reunion yearbook.

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'memories' by nam lamore

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Anonymous Cherise

What a beautiful peom. Do you write much these days? Share more! - Cherise

Blogger Nightmare


Nice poem.

I'm a fellow Diablo freak, but I have yet to complete the Hell level. I just don't have the dedication I should have, I guess. But I did play last night and It was an axe slaying good time!!

Caught up with you fron Franksbride's blog. So you can give props where they are do.

I also spent a year in the Bay Area. (like a 1000 years ago)Well actually when you wrote that poem I was attending Foothill J.C playing football. Is "Old Pro's" still around? they had the best cheeseburgers on the planet. That and the dutch goose in Menlo Park...giant bucket of steamers with free flowing pitchers of Anchor steam....Now I'm CA sick. (It's like home sick but in a different state.

I'll be back.

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

I love unearthing precious artifacts in mom's garage (or attic, in my case)!

Blogger Nam LaMore

cherise: thank you. i don't write much anymore, mostly because i've been in the corporate world far too long and such writing gets in the way at work!

nightmare: thanks for swinging by and posting a comment. i've scooped out your blog via frankysbride as well, but haven't left a comment cuz i just havn't found an opportunistic time/topic.

as for diablo, what realm, mode, etc? just/curious. i don't play anymore, but i did have fun. i was playing in softcore mode for abit, then switched over to hardcore mode for about two years. i miss the old days when a rogue mercenary could shoot lightning streams.

wow, you know of the bay area .. i'm not sure if "old pro's" or dutch goose are still around, i'll have to check 'em out. yeah, i know all about being location-sick .. i often think of my time hanging out in england.

truejerseygirl: yeah, that was fun to find stuff that i hadn't seen in years. but also scarey: i had no idea my mom kept my members-only jacket -- i had forgotten all about that. now, i'm embarrassed.

Blogger Love Hurts

What a beautiful poen Nam, i really love it. Very moving & yes my eyes did start to well up.

Blogger AmerAzn

Yes...a very lovely poem...please do share if you have more.

And don't you just love rumaging through old stuff and remembering the good old days...I love that!

Blogger Nam LaMore

love hurts: you were that moved? and i thought i was the only sentimental one! the meaning of the poem has evolved over the years for me; the odd thing is, not a word has been edited since i first wrote it. when i first wrote it, it was just a light note about the yearbook. but over the years, it's come to encapsulate the whole notion of chance meetings and naturally moving on.

for example, i used to play a videogame: diablo, lord of terror (if you want to find out more, there's a link off my sidebar - i was a REALM GUARDIAN - highest achievable level!). i had played for a couple of years, and had met some really great people (you can play solo or multi-play over the internet). the big news shocked them: i was quitting. they were surprised and shocked, as i was a 'helper' player (for some reason, there are lots of malicious players). i told them i was off to explore a new (fad) activity: blogging.

most of those friends have followed me here to keep up - i suspect they are the unlinked commentors. so, the poem is just an expression of the natural order of life.

Blogger Nam LaMore

amerazn: gosh, i'm very shy at sharing my poems. when asked to get it printed in the reunion yearbook, it a long time for me to agree to share that poem with my classmates. my friend had submitted without my knowledge (i could have killed her). i've uncovered others, and may share .. no promises!

i find that i welcome criticisms when it comes to work stuff, but on personal stuff .. i just don't like to be that exposed. yeah, i have issues.

Blogger Hristo Boev

Nicely written poem - it's the memories one is left with after parting comes;) We cherish them and they fuel our existence from day to day till something beautiful happens again:)

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