Tic-Tock Tic-Tock - Where Is the Clock?

Though time has been both an elusive lover and a generous stranger to me, I recently welcomed time here (scroll to the end for when i am). There's just not enough of it to go around for me; however, my friend GAK tells me that I may time travel soon.
Dali TimepieceGauri Nanda, an MIT graduate of Media Arts & Science, has invented Clocky. Working to solve the main cause of oversleeping--the snooze bar--Nanda has designed an early morning hide-and-seek process that could revolutionize the morning for many oversleepers.

Clocky--a shag-carpeting-covered digital clock on two wheels--jumps from the bedside table to find a hiding spot each time the snooze bar is pressed. A few minutes later, when the alarm sounds for a second time, the sleeper must first find the clock before he or she can press snooze again. Its designed to force people up and out of bed, making them less likely to keep snoozing.
SIDEBAR: the controversial Energy Bill passed the House of Representatives late last week, but the Senate is expected to reject it. Why? There's a clause that shields gasoline makers (that would be George W's friends) of the additive MTBE from liability lawsuits. I support another clause inside the Energy Bill (extending Daylight Saving Time), but I think the other clause allows special interest groups to be irresponsible and unaccountable to their capitalistic greed. That's not a trade-off I'm comfortable with.

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Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

I love Dali's style. if only I can have one of his works hanging in my living room. Drool.

I usually put my alarm clock at 6:30AM, and now I have become so lazy that I switched it to 6:45AM. In fact when it rings loud, I just press snooze, and cuddle away with Dutchman (oops) for the next 15 minutes. I am so lazy really. I love sleeping in.

A night owl anytime, thats me.

Blogger Knottyboy

I think if I had a fur covered alarm clock eluding my pursuit to shut it off, I would really need to sort out my priorities. Possibly live wire placed on the genitals before sleeping would be a better source of morning "get up and go".

Anonymous Hal

Don't think I'm in mood to play games when I first wake up. I would probably break poor "Clocky" on the first morning! - Hal

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

If Clocky was my clock, he would be a bunch of springs and plastic smashed up against my wall by 7:01.

Blogger Nam LaMore

the dutched pinay: this may be vain, but i used to have just my own (b&w photos and acrylic paintings) and dali's on the walls! i think you should get some paint and a huge canvas today. start a project!

sleeping in is nice, but i have a difficult time sleeping when the sun is out. i need a room to be pitch dark to sleep; otherwise, i can semi-function all day after partying all night - the only clue that i haven't had much sleep, i tend to say, "is it happy hour yet?"

knottyboy: oh my! tell me that you don't subscribe to shock therapy! but you're right, that some people need some help like a fur-covered alarm clock. a trick i use when i'm in hotels (aside from the front desk wake-up call) is to put the clock in the wastebasket before i hit the hay; it ring so much louder that way. also when it goes off, i'm always perplexed to where the sound is coming from and get up to satisfy my curiosity.

hal: perhaps there's a lifetime warranty when 'clocky' makes his debute.

truejerseygirl: well, that's gonna be the challenge. some people are more alive in the wee hours than others, and don't hesitate to curb their excitement.

Anonymous Jim

Happen to know when "Clocky" is avaiable? I think this would be good for my kids, they are always sleeping in, causing me to be late for work. - Jim

Blogger Nam LaMore

jim: i'm not sure when it will be commercially available, it didn't say in the article. and but if there's update, i'll post it here for you - otherwise, you might just want to keep an eye on MIT's news.

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