Ebony Petals

Though I have yet to find my book of poems, here's one that I wrote in the early 90's. This poem pays respect to one of my favorite poets, Sylvia Plath. I wrote this poem shortly after reading Plath's "Arrival of the Bee Box" -- both have the common topic of thoughts and ideas busily competing for attention and plotting escape from one's mind.

This is intended to be read slowly, almost to a slumbering crawl, with a long pause at the end of each line.

ebony petals

LINK to poem (image): http://tinypic.com/4sfrdg
LINK to this page: http://nlamore.blogspot.com/2005/04/ebony-petals.html

Thanks to amerazn and love hurts for giving me the courage to post this poem.

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Blogger AmerAzn

wow...you were quite the poet....do you still write? You should put together a little scrap book of all your poetry!

Anonymous Michael

Hey, another fun poem - and it's so simple, reads almost like a Chinese proverb! - Michael

Blogger Love Hurts

Nam, what can i say, i love it!

Blogger Nam LaMore

amerazn: i don't write poetry any more, no creativity left .. any creativity was sucked dry from corporate life! i'm currently in the process to reverse that, and hopefully will 'wake up' to my true self again .. but that may take a couple of years.

michael: thanks so much, very kind words!

love hurts: glad you enjoyed it; i'll pose other poems if i remember them .. but my memory isn't as good as it used to be .. indeed, i was not an elephant in my previous lives; maybe i'll be lucky in the next life and come back as dumbo's brother.

Anonymous Leslie

How beautiful, and very poetic and economical in your word choice. - Leslie

Blogger Nam LaMore

leslie: thanks! well, i think peotry is the only place where i tend to be thrifty with my words. otherwise, give me a microphone!

Blogger Hristo Boev

Very nice and visually impressive:)) Unfortunately, the Plath connection evades me but that's because I haven't read Plath's poem - I do seem to remember some poem of hers with a similar title or something. I'll get back to Plath and respond to this more adequately. Thanks to some translations in a Bulgarian online site of some poems of hers my fascination with her work has been rekindled. I have also made a couple of translations of some poems in Bulgarian - "Daddy", "Never Try to Trick Me with a Kiss", "Gigolo". I'd like to talk to you about the Bell Jar when you're through with reading it:)

Blogger Nam LaMore

thank you for your kind words. this poem has always been one of my 'fun' poems, and it's almost a 'prayer' for me when i need to think of something simple to focus on (like being in the dental office!).

it has been a long time since i've read 'teh bell jar' -- but i remember it a bit, she won a few awards for it. it's almost a semi-autobio of her budding writing life.

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