The Sea Calls to Me

Reuters is reporting that 300 coral reefs have been successfully relocated into the Arabian Sea. I have always had a strong connection to the sea. My early childhood included island-hopping (specifically Guam and Indonesia). As a young adult in an Education Abroad Program, I chose to study on an island: England. Even now, the beach is within an hour's drive for me. Nothing is more spectacular and awe-inspiring than the fiery sun setting under or the pale moon reflecting on the Pacific Ocean; in moments like this, I believe in God and His hand in the universe. [Click on image to enlarge]
Relocation servicesUndersea gardens that act as shelter and nursery to a wide range of marine species, the corals grow slowly, some only a few centimeters a year, so their recovery from damage caused by tsunami or from industrial development could take decades.

India's National Institute of Oceanography began relocating the corals in mid-January in the Gulf of Kutch in the Arabian Sea in a bid to avoid damage to the marine ecology due to the laying of an undersea petroleum pipeline and rising sedimentation.
In general, I have fond memories of and a fondness for island living. However, one experience has deeply embedded itself and has caused some anxiety since 1975: Steven Spielberg "Jaws". We lived on military bases (dad was in the U.S. Army) and "movie nights on the beach" kept us entertained after dusk: the screen was a bed sheet strung between a couple of palm trees. Watching "Jaws" in the dark on the beach is an absolute terror, even when surrounded by others.

The ominous John Williams' "da-dum" cello and bass chords is the sound of sheer terror for me. I wonder how many others from that long-ago island-paradise have a tug to be near the sea, and, yet paradoxically, get a shiver up the spine when entering the water.

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Anonymous Nga

What a great childhood. I also lived on an island (Singapore), but I think "Jaws" was banned here for many years. Sounds like you turned out pretty normal from that experience. - Nga

Blogger Mizez Slocombe

As long as you don't smell of the sea, Mary. ;-)

Anonymous Anonymous

WOW- Now that's what I call "relocation service" on a big scale!

Anonymous Vance

My only time on an island is vacationing in Hawaii (Honolulu). I wish I could have spent my whole childhood there. It was just so beautiful, and everyday the sunset was just amazing.

I have some nice pictures from that vacation, but nothing like the memories you have.
- Vance

Blogger frankysbride

When I first saw the pic, I thought the rock was floating in the air.
I was just about to buy a plane ticket... *bg*

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

I am always an island tropical girl, will always be. Now I am stuck in the cold gloomy lowlands. How life can be so full of surprises!

Blogger Merrick

Yea that is kewl...thanks for checkin out my blog...I liked your peopm that you have posted here about memories!

Blogger Knottyboy

It's great to see that man can be stewards as we should be. Have you ever read the "man who planted trees"? Perfect example of the efforts we can accomplish when we put our minds to it with respect to planet. But it also seems like everyone else outside the US understands this already. Pity.

Blogger sojourning crow

it looks so fake. i would love to visit Singapore. I would ike better to visit Sri Lanka but they have the whole genecide thing going on. `

Blogger Nam LaMore

nga: thanks. i love singapore! the last time i was there was about three years ago. it's like being on a big amusement park.

mizez slocome: i do like the smell of the ocean. it brings back such terrific memories from my childhood.

anonymous: the last time i had to get relocation service, it wasn't as impressive - but at least nothing was lost or broken.

vance: sounds like you had a great time in hawaii - but didn't you notice the price of things? it's so damn expensive to live on an island, unless you want to live off coconut the rest of your life!

frankysbride: ah, if only that was the case. but, really, in the air or in the middle of an ocean, i think i would be happy on any island .. just make sure they serve bloody marys during weekend brunch.

the dutched pinay: what a diffence for you! this is the exact reason why i've never moved to new york. during the height of the dot-com, i turned down a few opportunities because i couldn't see myself digging out of snow. i kept looking at my list of pro/con, and the weather was a huge factor (a big pro: closer to europe!).

merrick: i'll be at your blog often. incidentally, the name 'merrick' is a friend's name in an indie movie. the movie didn't do all that well, but it was fun to watch.

knottyboy: i'm not familiar with the book - thanks for the suggestion, i'll be at the library doing some research, and will put this on my search list while i'm there! you're right, those outside the u.s. tend to be a bit more aware of environmental issues. we are such a disposable culture. i can't tell you how often i've run into germans whose mantra is, "you have a wonderful park [re: san francisco golden gate park]!"

Blogger Nam LaMore

sojourning crow: i was responding to commenters and somehow i missed your comment; you must have visited/commented while i was posting my comment. sri lanka is in a horrible state right now, tsunami and genecide just doesn't sound like attractions that should be on their visitors guide.

Blogger Love Hurts

I remember watching 'Jaws' & i'm still scared of getting out of my depth in water. I think it was the part when that guy's head with his eyes popped out appeared at the bottom of the boat. But we all find it funny when we put it on & let all the neices & nephews watch it, crazy thing is they jump at the same part!

Blogger Nam LaMore

love hurts: that's pretty interesting about your neices & nephews reacting at the same part. it could mean the producers did an excellent job with focus groups (keeping in key scenes that are timeless), or this adds to the credibility of something i read a few years ago ...

i read a few years ago of a controversial proposal regarding anthropology (aren't they all controversial?) .. you sort of have to believe in the concept of evolution for this to work ... through the ages, human begins, and higher animals, access their "ancestral memories" in times of stress. meaning that if you have never learned to swim, but your ship suddenly capsized, then you will instantly have the ability to swim if someone in your ancestral line knew how to swim.

crazy, huh? it sounds like i made it up, i know, but it's not.

Blogger sojourning crow

yea, but i hear that Disney might try to build a park there for fun and to bring peace...

Blogger Nam LaMore

lordy, i hope not! why would you want to be at disney when the whole world of adventure is just a step outside your front door?

but then again, disneyland was always the happiest place on earth -- growing up in southern california, i had an annual pass for those boring summer days when mom wanted us out of her hair.

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