But I'm Hungry Now

Food pyramidThe Department of Agriculture on Tuesday updated a new version of the Food Pyramid; I remember seeing the food pyramid as a child, and it makes as much sense now as it did back then.

In essence, the single food pyramid has been replaced by a dozen versions customized to people’s individual health situations. (MSNBC News)

This new food pyramid does nothing to undermine Burger King's preemptive debut of its Enormous Omelet breakfast sandwich on Monday. On the contrary, the Food Pyramid allows individuals to incorporate the 760-calories, 50-grams of fat sandwich into their diet. Food pyramid"'It's designed for people who like to start the day with a hearty breakfast,' said Denny Post, chief product officer at Burger King." (CNN/Money)

Still feeling the effects from Morgan Spurlock's documentary "Super-Size Me," the folks at the Golden Arches have been test marketing a new line of healthy, alternative items to add to the standard fair of Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, McChicken and, the regional favorite, McRib. Dubbed the "Earth Day Burger" and "Earth First Fries," customers can try these new additions for free on Earth Day, April 22. There's no clear winner in the Cola War, but you can always get "Jesus Juice."

This post is dedicated to all my vegan and vegetarian friends; thank you for encouraging me to lay off the Whoppers and Big Macs.

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Anonymous Bill

HMMM. We're a meat and potato state (TX), so not sure if that new burger would do well here. - Bill G

Anonymous Anonymous

Very cool blog.

Blogger Nam LaMore

bill: yeah, more focus group testing needs to be done. maybe the new fairs will just be regionally available, just like the mcrib.

the bubber guy: hey .. thx for saying so. this will be my portfolio if i ever consider working for the 'national inquirer' - but for now, it's my way of ferreting some stress!

but the bubble wrap is the ultimate stress reliever!

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

Obviously, the pyramid thing is just not working for us Americans. We just don't get where our Big Macs and fries fall in the big scheme of things.

Anonymous Anonymous

A mac donalds earth day burger. You know there was a recent rumor that the neo-nazi party was going to hold a commemoration day for the victims of thier historic atrocities. So they figured that they could warm up a little to the common jew in and boost a little public relations between them. It is being elaboratly planned social event, in fact, with hot dogs, cocktails, special entertainment, maybe a reenactment of Ann Franks life. There would be Nazi flags and Isreals flags draped together all around the event and banners that say "we love You!". Of course, you would have to pay to get in, a form of obligatory donation to pay the organizers for their trouble and then some. They anticipate a huge success, even to the point of extening an invitation to the Neo-Bolshevics.
Beyond audacity is problably an insufficiet description. Perhaps the cows and the trees and the very blood of the earth could relate to a similar anexiety. or even any other race that has ever been bred soley for mass slaughter in order to feed the consumptiion demands for another race. Mainly because they have no money, or because they can't talk, or because they don't have lawyers (or if they do they can't present their cases to them). No sir. How depressing. I think I'll go to macdonalds and eat that earth day burger to cheer me up.

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