Public Service Announcement: Smokers Wanted

Smoking ChimpanzeeFirst it was Feili from China, now Charlie from Africa has caved under peer pressure. Both are chimpanzees who have picked up a habit thought only practiced by human beings: smoking.

One of the health hazards of smoking is lung cancer. Peter Jennings revealed a few weeks ago that he was diagnosed with lung cancer, a result of years of smoking. Both he and the chimps are now qualified to speak on behalf of the tobacco industry and/or the American Lung Association.

I wonder whose agent (Jennings' or the chimps') will contact Philip Morris Int'l first. Up for grab: lifetime supply of cigarettes.
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Anonymous Eddy G

I think someone at Philip-Morris should get a promotion for hitting the demographics in their ad campaigns. They are desperately looking for new customers! - Eddy G

Anonymous Anonymous

Hey, better marketing to chimps then our children!

Anonymous Cathy

I have got to tell my mom about the smoking chimps; that will get her to quit smoking. - Cathy

Anonymous Cathy

Here's the deal - my mom doesn't believe this to be a real story (she saw your other posts); I'm starting to believe her that there are no smoking chimps. - Cathy

Blogger Nam LaMore

eddy: good point, i didn't think about that .. maybe zoos can have cegarette vending machines around so people can buy them for the chimps!

anonymous: i'm not sure if marketing to kids or apes is a good idea; but i suppose that marketing to chimps is better!

cathy: well, your mom just doesn't want to believe that our bad habits have been picked up by chimps!

i hope that the peter jennings situation has caused your mom to think twice about smoking.

Anonymous Anonymous

Smoking chimps! Now I've seen everything!

speak up!

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