50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers

Lindsay LohanOlsen twinsI'm disappointed that my girls, Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen twins, made the New York Press list of 50 MOST LOATHSOME NEW YORKERS. Others on the list include Alex Rodriguez (third base, New York Yankees); Lorne Michaels (producer, Saturday Night Life); Bill O'Reilly (host, The O'Reilly Factor); Katie Couric (co-host, The Today Show); and Jason Calacanis (chairman, Weblogs Inc.). The question I must ask: why isn't Hillary Clinton on the list?
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Anonymous Jessie's Girl

I think Woody Allan should be on the list [for obvious reasons].

Blogger Rik

Why would the NY press put Hillary on this list? She's their idol!

Being from the Boston area originally, I find most New Yorkers loathesome anyway, ha ha.

Except for Seinfeld. He rocks.


Blogger Nam LaMore

jessie's girl: nah, woody is eccentric .. he doesn't deserve to be on the list. allan's current flick 'melinda and melinda' has one of my fav actors, chloe sevigny.

rik: i had done a quick search on nypress.com and scanned the results, and i couldn't find a reference/view of the publication actually supporting hillary clinton; on the contrary, they have a lackluster view of her. however, i do agree that new yorkers, in general, do support her.
BTW: your x-man is so adorable, reminds me of my nephew when he was that age .. they grow up so fast!

Anonymous Hank

Poor Lindsay, she just can't seem to get a break. First her father sues her, and, now, she's on a loathsome list. Can't we all just get along? - Hank

Anonymous Melissa

I love the Olsen twins, well at least when they were on 'Full House' - I always knew that Mary Kay was the evil one! - Melissa C

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