Techno-Stalkers: Here I Am!

"Yet even the most subtle spiders may leave a weak thread."
- Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring (The Council of Elrond)
Overworked cyber-spidersI performed a search for "nam lamore" out of curiosity and vanity, but also to see what techno-stalkers would find about me from various search engines. Overworked cyber-spidersSlowly coming to from the black-out caused by the sudden rush of results fetched by overworked cyber-spiders, I scanned the entries for signs of familiarity. I recognized most of the entries (mostly work-related), but a few were completely foreign to me. This explains why telemarketers know so much about me!

I highly recommend you do the same so you're more aware of, and take actions as needed of what your techno-stalkers might know about you. Click on each search engine to see the results performed for "nam lamore" around 3pm on April 19 (listed in no particular order):
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Anonymous Anonymous

My, my ... it certainly looks like you're a busy one! I actually remember running into one of your sites a long time ago (I work in technology, too).

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

Its crazy to think of how much info there is about each of us out there in cyberspace!

Of course I love that you added me to your blog parade, and I will add you to mine as well!

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

I did the same thing awhile back, prompted by my site meter stats revelation. from it, i could see from which page visitors jump to my website. and it was amazing that people came from yahoo or google searching using my nicks: "misst" and "dutched pinay", hahaha.

i will check yours in yahoo and google and see what will come out.

Blogger Nam LaMore

anonymous: i wouldn't be surprised if we had talked or worked with each other. you know how small the tech industry is .. remember during the dot-com days when the going joke was, 'there are only about 1000 people in tech, we just move around alot'? that was so true, many of my friends were changing jobs every year, trying to hit the jackpot with stock options. most looked good on paper, but that was about it. only a couple actually are retired now, lucky bastards!

truejerseygirl: yeah, there's way too much info out there on us. as a spokesperson for some of the big tech companies, i know i'll live on the internet for a long time .. but all of this info is public, and none of the stuff is damaging :-)

the dutched pinay: it's so weird how people landed on your site .. were you ever a beauty pagent (that's probably 'yes')? i don't mind that people know the public, work-related stuff .. but the personal stuff (like knowing my social security number) would be a big deal! identity thief is such a big problem. i do like to use the internet to pay bills and such, but i still get very nervous about having any system remember my info (i clean the cache out every time i turn off the computer).

btw: i love all the stories you have about your vacations; maybe it's time for another of my walkabouts :-)

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Nam, someone knew your social security number? Whoa! You got some serious stalkers there

Blogger Nam LaMore

the dutched pinay: luckily for me, my new (second) SSN has always been kept under lock and key. we found out that someone was using my SSN when i was just 17, so the court knew it was not possible for me to have had so much debt at such an early age.

so, we closed that down and got me a new number. alas, i am marked in the 'system' but not with the number of the beast!

thank you for your concern.

Anonymous Sam Harris

Glad to know there are some things still private about you. Aren't you afraid of having your identity stolen and such because you're so easily found online?
- Sam Harris

Anonymous Anonymous

Protect yourself from identity theft, look here to see if someone is using your info: social security numbers

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