A Walkabout Into Asia-Pacific

I went on a 'walkabout' into Asia-Pacific in early 2001, and these are the reprinted stories of that remarkable journey. I met some remarkable people during my wandering, and still keep up with them. To relive my remarkable journey, click on the image below or go here; however, please return and leave your comments here .. that site was created before I learned about blogs and blogging.

walkabout (noun): a short period of wandering bush life engaged in by an Australian aborigine as an occasional interruption of regular work. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

A Walkabout Into Asia-Pacific
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Anonymous Margy Wiles


I just read your travelogue, and sounds like you had a good time. I wish I had the time and money to go on such a trip. Do you think you would go again? and where to?

Thanks for sharing.

- Margy Wiles

Blogger The Frustrated Witch


I've only been to Hong Kong and it was only for four days.

I wish I'm old enough to travel.

I can travel but it would be better if I were not under parental guidance.

Have you been to the Philippines?

Blogger The Frustrated Witch

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Blogger The Frustrated Witch

Cinderella? Nice name. Though I've heard weirder names than that. There are loads of cool things here in the Philippines (Pinas for short). Do you know that to some countries, we are known as the "Terrorist Capital of the World?" Embarrassing. Really. I don't even know if the kidnappings and killings would stop. All I can do is pray at night(or morning) and hope that nothing terrible would happen. But besides that, every other thing is wonderful.

Anonymous Hal R

I love reading about your walkabout ... makes me want to plan a walkabout of my own. But I don't think I can get away from work, I need to just quit and do it. Your trip report is an inspiration to get my feet out the door and start walking. hr

Anonymous E Travis

This sounded like a perfect trip. I'm sure there were plenty of activities and places and people that are not part of your journal. I wonder what kind of mischief you got into, perhaps a follow up for us to read some day?

- Edward T

Anonymous Dave and Suzie

Wow! fantastic trip, and nice pictures to show for it! Wish we could have been in Bali, that sounded the most relaxing.

Dave & Suzie

Anonymous Tim Williams

Reading your travel report reminded me of my own trip in Europe, but I certainly don't have the pictures or the written memories. I regret not putting a scrapbook together, cuz now my memory is fading.

- TimW

Anonymous Colin

Glad you could reuse your old site. The pictures are cool. The stories very informative.

- Colin

Anonymous Keith Harpin

This is too cool. Is there a subscription function on your blog? - KH

Anonymous Philip Gathe

Your travelogue is really well done. It looks like you sent them out while you were on your trip - how were you able to do that?

Philip Gathe

Anonymous jim

I really appreciate that you included the useful links on your travelogue. Those links are helping me to plan for my trip to Asia this summer.
- jm

Anonymous Nigel

Lovely pictures! Fabulous stories!

Anonymous Alice Sanders

Just a thought, have you ever doing any professional writing? Your travelogue is really amazing, I felt I was on the trip the whole time I was reading it. And, like what most people already said, the pictures are nice.

Alice Sanders

Anonymous David

Your travel sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! - David H.

Anonymous Juan Lopez

I guess you should be glad you weren't over there during the tsunami. Sounds like it's still pretty bad over there, I won't be planning a trip for some time.
- JL (the other JLo)

Anonymous June

Just stumbled on your site. I love what I've seen, I'll have to bookmark and come back later! - June

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