Designer Babies: What's Wrong With That?

LONDON (Reuters) - Proposals to allow British parents having fertility treatment to choose the sex of their unborn baby split an influential group of lawmakers on Thursday, reigniting the debate over "designer babies."

Couples should be able to decide the gender of the embryo being implanted to balance out families, parliament's cross-party Science and Technology Committee said in a report.
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This is absolutely horrible .. such practice would only diminish the strength of any society. Sex-selective abortion is not a new practice, but to think that any group in a civilized society would promote such practice is tantamount to committing an ethical crime. I am a champion of a woman's right to choose, and the landmark case of Roe v Wade is, again, up for discussion. This case is always up for discussion, but the current administration may actually overturn it.

We've made too much stride in civil liberty to allow Roe v Wade to overturn, and, to know of a baby's sex through ultrasound is one thing, but it is morally wrong to bias the sex of a baby.

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Anonymous Anonymous

Sick that people should put more value on one sex over another. Actually, I think people should stop having babies and just adopt.

Lady Luck

Anonymous Gary Jr

I'm not up for taking care of some welfare, crack ho's kid!

- Gary Jr

Anonymous Kelly

bush is gonna overturn roe v wade. he's made it very clear.
- kelly (you know who this is)

Anonymous Glenn Jenkins

I know couples who have adopted girls from China, and they said the process is very easy. It's a sad truth that China has such a big problem.
Glenn Jenkins

Anonymous Cynthia Davos

Babies should be loved no matter if they are a boy or a girl. I can't imagine giving up my baby because it was a girl. What if that baby turned out to be someone important to history, or the discovery of a cure-all drug?

- Cynthia Davos

Anonymous Daphne

I don't care what sex my baby is; I hope to have a healthy baby (twins would be better!). Daphne

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