Business Lesson 101: Don't Squeal on your Clients

Apparently, Sarah Michelle Gellar is more than capable of holding a grudge. The actor left the William Morris Agency in a huff this week after learning of unflattering comments that WMA President David Wirtschafter made about her in a lengthy New Yorker profile. More at E!online ->

This bit of news caught my attention .. both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Halle Berry are leaving the William Morris Agency because David Wirtschafter (WMA president) disclosed some comments about his clients in an ed-op piece. Let me get on my soapbox: WHAT AN IDIOT .. anyone with any business sense could have seen this coming .. you just don't rat on your clients (well, at least not until they're ex-clients). Only way around this safely is to first disclose or get your client's approval of the ed-op piece.

Crisis Communication Solution: I suppose Wirtschafter can publicly apologize for his poor judgment; however, the damage is already done .. so I doubt if clients will return.

Sarah Michelle GillarHalle Berry as Jinx in Bond flick
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Anonymous Anonymous

They're hot, even if they can't act.

Anonymous Anonymous

They probably didn't pay their fees, so he got even.

Blogger LinF

Great blog! I always find it amazing how posters who make disparaging comments remain anonymous! LOL!

Anonymous Laura

These babes are fine, and smart as hell. And you're right, no one's business how much they make, the Prez of WMA should have known better - he's an idiot.

- Laura K

Anonymous Cindy

I bet the WMA guy will write a tell-all book about his ex clients next. Why not, it'll be a best seller for months!

.. cindy ..

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