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Did you happen to catch the Oscar Awards Ceremony? I wasn't surprised by any of the "winners" (they all deserved it); I do think that just being nominated is already a great honor. Of note, however, is Hilary Swank's acceptance speech. She had every right to hold the Awards time-keepers at bay with her lengthy speech. She completely surprised me when she ended her acceptance speech thanking her agent/publicist. As a publicist, I was thrilled to know that she remembered a very important person whose job is to manage her image. Please remember your agent/publicist when you accept your Awards!

Not sure if you heard about the Razzie Awards spin this year: Halle Berry did an amazing job with damage control. Not only did she show up in person to accept her Razzie Award for "Catwoman" (don't think Glenn Close or Dustin Hoffman would ever show up), but she also gave a memorable speech full of expression (even sobbing with tears): "You don't win a Razzie without a lot of help from a lot of people."

Halle Berry as Catwoman
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Anonymous A.A.

movies: we loved "Touch of Pink" (about two gays living in London), loved all the academuy movies, especially "Sideways", loved "Before Sunset" (Ethan Hawke).

would also love to see "Bride & Prejudice" (featuring world's most gorgeous woman, Ashwarya Rai, formerly Miss World from India).

Anonymous Cindy Johnson

You go, Halle. Those goons in Tinseltown ain't got nothing nuthin' on you. But please, don't pick a stupid role like catwoman again, let the new actors trying to break into hollywood play those cheesey parts. You can do better. Just ask yourself, "What would Julia Roberts do?" and you'll know if the part is right for you or not.

- Cindy J

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