Vengaboys, Spice Girls .. what the?!?

Not sure if you know the Euro-pop band Vengaboys .. their overnight catchy-hit "We Like to Party" is used in the current Great America Amusement Park commercials .. I'm starting to listen to their other hits, but I noticed something ...

Why are there two girls in the Vengaboys? Are they really girls, or Bangkok lady-boys? If they actually are real women don't they mind being grossly mis-represented? Imagine them going home on the night of signing their record deal ... "Hi Mum, guess what - I'm in a band called the Vengaboys!" Maybe they should have put that gay lad in the like I suggested, it seems he wouldn't have been so out of place after all (or is that Sporty "I'm always single" Spice's secret?).

... Just a thought.


Spice Girls
another point of view ...

Anonymous Anonymous

I love the Spice Girls. Can we bring them back?

Anonymous Anonymous

Venga Boys ... are they gay?

Anonymous Paula R

I used to love the Spice Girls, where are they now?

- paula r

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

vengaboys, they are dutch haha. the girls there are real girls not bangkok ladyboys :-)

Blogger Nam LaMore

i love teh vengaboys .. very catchy tunes. are they played much at the clubs/bars there? we can't get enough of them at the raves!

yes, i know about the girls in the vengaboys .. but one's mind wanders aimlessly sometimes.

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