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Though I've been reading blogs for many years, I've finally taken the steps to start my own blog. This will be a place for me to express myself, but more importantly, it is a place to exchange ideas.

Keeping in line with my habits, this blog will have some of the following elements:

* lists. I enjoy keeping lists .. all sorts of lists .. list of music I listen to, list of movies I watch, list of places to visit (have visited), list of favorites .. you get the idea.

* editorial. Opinionated, I'll scribe my thoughts on just about anything that catch my attention .. mergers&acquisitions, politics, religion, etc.

* daily experience. I'll probably end up writing about my daily experience .. maybe it's about the people I meet while hanging out at a coffee shop, or it's that bus driver that can't stop yacking about the weather, or a call from my nephew telling me about swimming with Green Sea Turtles, or my workout at the gym .. so much possibilities

* dreams. I don't remember most of my dreams, but I think it'll be fun to start having a 'dream diary'

About the profile picture ... While on vacation (Bali, 2001), I bleached my hair to a platnium blonde, then added electric blue highlights. Would I do it again? Would you do it once?

... and so it begins.
another point of view ...

Blogger Lester T.

so this is how it all started. what was the trigger that made you want to start a blog?

speak up!

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