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The first 100 days in Morocco, celebrated on Dec 21st, were strewed with explorations, revelations and discoveries, including:
However, 2005 can be summed up as the year of ...
... it was the year that everything changed.

Christmas/Holiday Card from frankysbrideThis post is dedicated to frankysbride who sent me a surprise Christmas/Holiday Greeting card (right); though post-marked Dec 5, I got it on Dec 29. I understand other cards were sent, but the mail system can be a bit slow. Thank you to everyone for their emails and text messages of well-wishes and holiday cheers in recent weeks; I have yet to suffer from the effects of homesickness.

Bone Annee 2006, Visit
Bonne Annee 2006 CakeBonne Annee 2006Bonne Annee 2006Bonne Annee 2006
The New Year weekend was spent with Volunteers VS1 and EH1 in Khenifra (in the Middle Atlas mountains). Though the visit was short, we had a great time with the host-family.

Middle Atlas Mountains
The drive to Khenifra, along the Middle Atlas mountains, was beautiful.

Santa & EH, 2006, VisitSanta & NL, 2006, Visit
Papa Noel does stop by Morocco! However, due to his exhausting trip to visit children the world over on Dec 256, he traditionally stops off in Morocco on Dec 31.

Sheep Ready for Aid Kibir
L'Aid Kibir [Big Feast Festival, Sacrifice/Slaughter of the Sheep] starts Jan 10 or so, and many people were out buying their sheep. As EH, VS, and I passed a livestock truck, we could not help but sympathize with them. Click here for a close-up.

Bonne Annee 2006, Visit EHBonne Annee 2006, Visit VS
We wandered into Khenifra's world-renowned carpet souk.

Bus Getting a Flat
Making my way from Khenifra to Khemisset, the bus had a flat tire just after leaving the town of Azrou. While waiting for a spare tire to be driven to us, I took a short hike and came upon this shepherd and his flock. Cultural observation: most of the men stood smoking near the bus and the women sat quietly inside the bus.

1 actual names have been changed/withheld for obvious reasons (re: safety/security)
2 it is called the "Dirty South" because of the high prostitution population in the region; though I am reminded that there are prostitutes all over Morocco.
3 this is taken directly from Peace Corps Volunteer SAJ's own list of experience in Morocco.
4 there are phrases for daily and special occasions, including birth, circumcision, death, sickness, traveling, begging, wedding, etc.
5 this is too long of a story to go into here.
6 Kallun reminds us that Santa Clause exists outside the realm of Newtonian and Einsteinian physics
7 for those who asked about the hemman experience, practice patience .. I am on email back-log .. I have neither forgotten nor ignored your emails and questions.

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Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

At least you finally met Santa Claus, hehe.

I had a laugh when you said, "naming livestock is not encouraged as they are just temporary pets until the next meal." Wow they are so literal with these?

Blogger frankysbride

ROFL!! Terrific post, Nam-- I'm still laughing.
Glad you liked the card. :-)

Blogger Nam LaMore

THE DUTCHED PINAY: yeah, i don't get attached to the livestock here; and the concept of 'pets' is very much lost .. mumkin [maybe] a post for another day. we have a sheep on the roof now, in preparation for aid kbir [big feast] where the sheep will be sacrificed. i'm not looking forward to the bleating of sheep throughout the town. many roofs have sheep now, but i think it will be weird/sad when they are all slaughtered at the same time.

FRANKYSBRIDE: gosh, THANK YOU so much for such a nice surprise. i really love the cards, and the artisans enjoyed it too .. they are carving me palm trees :-) i'll post pictures when they are done.

Anonymous Property in Morocco

Hey guy, you are great!
I was enjoyed reading your article. It is so funny.
I am still laughing.
Very funny Santa Klaus.

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