Some time ago, I wrote about starting a new adventure* .. I was cryptic at the time because I did not want to 'jinx' the process by talking about it incessantly. My "secret mission" is now revealed for all: I am joining the Peace Corps.

I am assigned to MOROCCO, 13-Sept-05 to 7-Dec-05 with the job responsibility of Small Business Development Advisor. As much as I love all things electronic, a "real" postcard (rather than an "ecard") would be most appreciated (of course, send me an email with your address if you want a postcard from Morocco):

Nam LaMore, Trainee
s/c Corps de la Paix
2 rue Abdou Marouane Essadi
Rabat 10100 MOROCCO

One of the last requests (just like the Rolling Stones, there's never a "last" concert/request) the Peace Corps asked me to forward my Aspiration Statement** and updated Resume. I'm not reposting the resume, it's dull as a doorknob.

This entry represents the last regular entry, as, going forward, this blog evolves into a photoblog, with the occasional entries taken from my journal. Frequency of blog posting depends on access to the Internet via Internet cafes. Wish me luck as I learn French and Arabic!

Me in Philadelphia, in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
I am on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (think of the movie "Rocky"). Yes, I look tired and sleepy due to the red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia (for orientation before flying to Morocco) .. with a bit over two hours of sleep, I just wanted to take a nap.

* posts Start of the Journey Part I & Part II.

** This is the aspiration statement:
Though managing expectations has always been a key strategy for success in corporate culture, I am keeping an open mind with regards to my Peace Corps experience. I have spoken with many returning Peace Corps volunteers, and feel prepared to deal with and accept the challenges of living in a different culture. General and specific expectations include:
    • Contribute and improve the lives of people I serve
    • Have an exceptional, life-changing experience
    • Establish life-long friends and contacts
    • Learn about a new culture
    • Communicate about the diversity of the U.S.
    • Return home with stories to share (photos, journal entries, etc)
    • Access to necessary tools and training to successfully complete job
    • Have a safe experience through awareness of local and global current events
    • Stay in periodic communication with Peace Corps team, friends, etc.
    • Project leadership quality and resourcefulness throughout my Peace Corps experience.

Strategies for adapting to a new culture ...
As I prepare for my Peace Corps experience, I have given thoughts on how to adapt to a new culture to avoid home-sickness, culture-bashing, etc. General and specific strategies include:
    • Make use of non-verbal communications and listening skills due to possible language and cultural barriers
    • Understand Muslim culture, specifically do’s and don’ts
    • Stay “grounded” about my identity as an Asian American (“Asian pride” phenomenon)
    • Avoid destructive behaviors when possible, such as bashing of any culture, engaging in sensitive topics, etc.)
    • Attend festivals and celebrations, religious or otherwise
    • Blend in and live modestly to avoid unwanted attention
    • Awareness of immediate surroundings and global happenings

Personal and Professional Goals
Though I plan to return to corporate life (perhaps in the non-profit sector) after my Peace Corps experience, I have entertained the possibility of going back to school for an MBA degree. I suspect that my Peace Corps experience will greatly influence where I work and what I choose to do. As an “Idealist” (“INFP,” according to Jung’s personality profile), I believe the Peace Corps is an opportunity to improve the overall quality of my life, and those I come in contact with.

I am looking forward to two-years of exceptional experience.

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Anonymous Anonymous

Have a great adventure -- I have a few friends who have done the Peace Corps, and they all way the same thing: This is the best thing they could have done.

Blogger mquest

I want pictures. NOW!!
Good luck.
Do some good and have some fun

Anonymous Anonymous

nice pic, welcome back

Blogger frankysbride

Looks like you're having a grand time! Good move!

Anonymous Anonymous

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Anonymous Anonymous

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Blogger Trekking Team Group

I like your all blogs. Keep posting.
Well Done
Thank you!!!

Blogger Tirtha Acharya

What a great Blug. Its worth to read it.
Thank you!!!

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