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Wood Animal HangersFurther to clearing out my closet of unwanted clutter (punctuated by distractions of email and Internet surfing; hence, this post), I made the discovery that the Chicago-based tailoring company Oxxford Clothes is finally selling its inch-thick hardwood hangers. I have a simple formula when deciding how much to spend on a hanger for any particular garment: T x A x $G = $H*

Costing a cool US$35 a pop and weighing in at nearly a pound (that's 0.45 kg), the hanger is finished in an ebony dye and polished to a glassy shine. At that price, it better plays a perfect Gershwin's "An American in Paris" tune.
Me, I prefer the Kidorable's wild animals wooden hangers over Oxxford or dry-cleaner hangers; I have a few Oxxford-style hangers as a result of my business travels and staying at Le Meridien, Wyndham and Ritz-Carlton hotels. Yes, it was during the dot-com era when we were required to stay at luxury hotels so clients and competitors could know that my employer was le shit, da bomb, the 800-pound guerilla ... you get the picture; I'm no longer at [undisclosed company], and I've heard recently that employees are now required to double-up at Motel 6 or hostels if it's absolutely necessary to travel.**
* Variables: T is how many TIME I've worn the garment, A is the number of times I've been abducted by ALIENS, $G is the GARMENT PRICE and $H is the HANGER PRICE I am willing to spend. You're working too hard ... there is no cryptogram here.

** This is so not true, the company is still pissing away what little is in their cash reserve. Anyone want my stocks in the pathetic company?

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Blogger Jaded Maniac

Yeah, anyone who gets caught with wire hangers in their closet in my house gets a beating from me! How else am I supposed to teach Jade that WIRE HANGERS ARE NOT OKAY??!! SHE MUST USE WOODEN ONES!!! Okay, had to get that out of my system...

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Wire hangers should be banned! Period.

I have wood and plastic hangers here at home. Sometimes I would have the kick of thinking that I should replace all of them with uniform wood or same plastic colored ones. But then that would cost a fortune because I use many. Actually our guest room which is also our closet room is 3/4 filled with all my clothes, shoes, bags and what have you. Sometimes I feel guilty, but then like you I have cleared out a huge collection of my unwanted clothes and have in fact given it to someone who appreciated it more than I could ever imagined!

End of this year, I should do it again, thanks for the reminder :-)

Blogger HowBizarre many times HAVE you been abducted by Aliens?

Anonymous Anonymous

Hey those animal hangers are cute.
That would be a great hobby idea for all those retired DAds that have woodworking equip getting dusty in the garage.
Or have Dad make the hangers on a fancy saw, and have the kids paint them for a project.

My closet has been known to look like a zoo. :)

Blogger Loz

Mommie Dearest rules.

Blogger Anthony

I agree, Mommy Dearest is tres fantastic. As for wire hangers, I'm all for em, mainly cause I never hang anything up... I'm a folder.

Blogger Nam LaMore

JADEDMANIAC: we grew up with wire hangers and plastic hangers from dodies and GEMCO (remember those stores?!?), i never had an appreciation for a good, strong hanger until i was in my 20's. i was so surprise to find them in the hotels.

THE DUTCHED PINAY: in college my dorm floor had "wire hangers contests" all the time -- people would make animals, flowers, etc. out of wire hangers - sometimes we had elaborate rules (no more than 3 wire hangers allowed, must be made without tools, etc), but most of the time it was free-form wire hanger "sculpturing" -- good times! good times!

i'm not fickle when it comes to hangers - i use whatever is available. i kinda like wire hangers because they are so very disposable.

Blogger Nam LaMore

HOWBIZARRE: you would have to ask! well, since i have a mind-wipe with each abduction, it's tough to recall the exact number of alien abductions .. however, that whole probing thing is over-rated.

PERI: i was surprised how much the animal hangers costed! and, yet, i remmeber a neighbor used to sell them and i would buy a few as gifts for my sisters. this was years ago, but my sister still has a few of those hangers. i'm gonna have to keep an eye out for them during my garage sale hunts.

are you telling me you have a lot of animal print clothing?

Blogger Nam LaMore

LOZ & ANTHONYPEREIRA: i think i'll be renting 'mommie dearest' this weekend -- haven't seen it forever! it's such a twisted story, and i hope none of you had that kinda up-bringing. i like to fold my clothing as well, but the problem: where do i stack them?

Blogger sojourning crow

Damn Nam!!
Googled you and stumble across that article you did in April about people searching for you. Yes, ironic.
ok. no surprises for you, you worked for a lot of heavy weights. coolness.


or maybe it's the Yakuza...*smirk*

Blogger Nam LaMore

SOJOURNING CROW: seeing how my name is in the public domain via work, i knew when i started this blog that it was useless to go incognito.

that stalker post was fun, and very much an eye opener!

Blogger sojourning crow

they'llneverfind the real me. hahahhaaha!!

Blogger Nam LaMore

SOJOURNING CROW: i believe that in the digital age, when it comes to privacy, it is an ALL OR NOTHING game. you either remain completely anonymous or publically known. to try to maintain an 'in-between' state is too much work!

no, i'm not saying that you need to publish your social security number. :-)

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

Mommie Dearest is one of my absolute favorite movies. But I prefer the line..."Tina! Get me the ax!" Classic.

As are those animal hangers. Love them.

Blogger Nam LaMore

TRUEJERSEYGIRL: oh, i'm not familiar with that line .. i'm gonna have to rent the dvd this weekend and rewatch.

Blogger Lester T.

the only thing i sculpted out of wire hangers are things to unlock my car with the keys left inside. but you can't use that trick anymore so i think the usefulness of wire hangers is coming to an end. oh, and i like how drycleaners try to fancy up their wire hangers by putting paper over them. i guess there's a good opportunity out there to produce cheap non-wire hangers with the requisite advertising for drycleaners. that would be the ultimate deathblow for the wire hanger!

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