The Treat of the Graham Cracker

Though the end of May means that Masturbation Month is officially over, it is acceptable (and encouraged!) to continue to celebrate this time-honored solo-love love-fest throughout the year ... this is similar to the notion that April is Earth Day Month, but many continue to recycle the other 11 months of the year (or so the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency informs us).
Future blogger GAK directed me to a significant information regarding the historical importance of the Graham cracker and masturbation:
s'moreI'm so peeved at myself for not knowing about this historical connection that I could beat myself up for my poor researching skills; not in the same way as when Ike used to beat Tina*, but more like when Elmer Fudd kicks himself for being tricked by the silly Bugs Bunny. Well, I'm off to restock my supply of graham crackers for s'mores at the upcoming summer beach parties.
*Domestic violence is nothing to laugh about ... just ask John Wayne Bobbit.

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Blogger diadima

i like graham crackers

Blogger Nam LaMore

yes! there's much to like about graham crackers, now more so. i prefer mine with lots of jam.

Anonymous Anonymous

you know what they say about chocolate...............

Blogger *~*Michelle*~*

Who knew? :) Great post.

Blogger Nam LaMore

peri: ah, chocolate .. i can safely say that i can't ever get enough!

michelle: thanks for swinging by! i'll be over to your blog in a bit!

Blogger Jaded Maniac

Mmmm...graham crackers and masturbation....I see the connection! ;)

Blogger Nam LaMore

JADEDMANIAC: i'm telling you, there's opportunity to make a fast buck everywhere .. we just need to take things out of context to see the value of it all!

Blogger Loz

yet another food you Americans are withholding from Australia! We are a friendly people, why must you be so unkind?

Blogger Nam LaMore

LOZ: hold on! you make it sound like there's nothing to eat in australia except cardboard.

that can't possibly be true, cuz i always hear about how the australians are such big BBQ fans -- what are you guys BBQing there?

Blogger Lester T.

uh, i never really ate graham crackers... oh, so that's why i... was i just typing now?

Blogger Loz

we're BBQ-ing cardboard!

Blogger Nam LaMore

LESTER T: oh, as kids we got graham crackers in our lunch boxes, now i know what my mom trying to do.

LOZ: make mine medium rare! i don't care for the grill marks.

Anonymous Anonymous

And, "corn Flakes were originally designed by John Harvey Kellogg to promote health and decrease sex drive!"

I guess I'll skip the cerialfrom now on.

Blogger Nam LaMore

CANADIAN DUDE: i haven't even delve into granola yet!

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Oh my, so that was WHY graham crackers were made. Does that mean people had excess in their sexuality?

Too bad, I can't find them Graham Crackers here in NL. Maybe I try some American shop and see if they have. I used to eat heaps of this while growing up.

Blogger Nam LaMore

THE DUTCHED PINAY: personally, i don't think there can ever be an EXCESS OF HUMAN SEXUALITY. as someone had reminded me recently, the most pacifist of ape societies is the bonobo (pygmy) chimpanzee.

these chimps use sexual greetings among its members -- i forget, but i believe there's only one taboo relationship (mother-child), otherwise, all the members greet each other by having sex. there is no recorded instance of conflict in that society.

though you might not be able to find graham crackers in NL, i remember buying DIGESTIVE BISCUITS all the time -- and, they taste very similiar to graham crackers -- to have with my weak tea.

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