Partying with Rosie Palm and Her Sisters


10th Annual Masturbation MonthGood news! for those who prefer to party with Rosie Palm and her five sisters: May 2005 marks the Tenth Annual National Masturbation Month.

Though some of us celebrate this event daily, others need encouragement. And so one of the local adult shops (Good Vibrations) is welcoming party-goers to participate in the Masturbate-A-Thon. Click on their link for the pledge form and (helpful) info on this self-love love-fest.

Smut went from the back street to the front street years ago, and has certainly hit Wall Street if you consider the sheer profit some companies make from all those Internet porn sites. Blue chip companies and mutual funds do not highlight this fact during earnings calls or in their annual reports, but comb through the fine print of their financial disclosures and you'll find that investing in "the money shot" during economic downturns is a safe bet.

Just so we don't forget the hypocrisy of this country and its history: Dr. Joycyln Elders, the first woman appointed to the post of U.S. Surgeon General, promoted that schoolchildren should be taught about masturbation. Bowing under political pressure, the then-President Bill Clinton was forced to fire Dr. Elders in December 1994 over her sex education "agenda". Masturbation is a biological function, don't confuse that with sin and guilt. However, blindness is a side-effect not yet ruled out.

And yes, you can participate in the Masturbate-A-Thon from home.

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Blogger Love Hurts

Oh my god that is hilarious, i've never heard 'party with rosie palm & her 5 sisters' before.
Good on them for keeping it up for ten years!
So can I ask, will you be taking part?

Blogger Nam LaMore

love hurts: well, that is one of my hands in the picture :-)

they were short of a hand, so to speak, and I helped out. I don't work there, I just know some of the workers - I sorta made a reference on my post about people i know, but most people won't think so.

Anonymous Anonymous

Here's a joke for you.

God: You've been good all these years.
Priest: I've kept all my vows. It was tough being celibate for the last 30 years.
God: Celibate? i said celebrate!
Priest: All those years wasted ...

Blogger Cindy-Lou

I'm in.

Blogger diadima

national masturbation month. and people say your country is going to utah in a handbasket.

Blogger Nam LaMore

anonymous: a funny, appropriate joke - thanks for sharing. if you have a blog, share .. i'll come visit!

cindy-lou: yeah, i tried getting to the good vibes site earlier, but it's down -- maybe over-subscribed for the 'thon!

incidentally, i have a friend is also cindy-lou (but she doesn't blog, she's very anti-technology); her business cards are printed with her real name: cinderella. do you go by cinderella, as well?

Blogger Nam LaMore

diadema: well, there are some benefits to being an american after all!

i can't wait to read about the next dream on your blog!

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

Well, I guess we know we we'll all be up to this evening, eh?

Blogger diadima

why thank you nam. i should eat some spicy food before bed tonight. i hear that helps

Blogger Lester T.

so THAT'S how i was able to quit smoking!! NOW, i hope all the smokers will believe me when i tell them what a relief it was and still is. ;)

Blogger Nam LaMore

truejerseygirl: as my lawyer-friends have trained me in situations like these, i can neither confirm nor deny my activities for tonight or any other nights.

diadima: spicy food, really? i have a difficulty digesting spicey food as i get older. on the scoville scale of "heat": in my teens, i tried the habanero (100,000-355,000 scoville units); but now, i can barely deal with jalapeno (2,500-5,000 scoville units).

lester t: well, i often hear from ex-smokers, "whatever works!" better than cold turkey, i guess.

Blogger Lester T.

you could say it's addiction replacement therapy. besides, smokers always say that they need to keep their hands busy.

Blogger DanTheresa

don't let ms. palm and the sisters work too hard ;)..but seriously, i didn't know there's such a .. err.., celebration like this.

Blogger HowBizarre

I am in for sure! And know me! Masturbation is great! Just like that song..."When I think of you, I wanna touch myself!"

I want to link back to this topic! This is so hot!

Take care!

Blogger Nam LaMore

lester t: and i thought it was a freudian habit to keep the mouth busy; but, no, it's to keep the hands busy .. i get it now!

Blogger Nam LaMore

dantheresa: you got me rolling on the floor laughing ... i'm sure that ms. palm and the sisters are on over-time all the time!

i had no idea that may was such a busy month to celebrate mother's day, bike to work day, american wetlands month, asian pacific american heritage month, president's council on physical fitness and sports month .. so many to choose from!

Blogger Nam LaMore

howbizarre: isn't it just too much? i was floored when i found out that half the month was almost for celebrating this activity! i'm not sure, but i think the anthem might be franky goes to hollywood's 'relax'

you know, i think this is a good topic for one of your other blogs :-) but which, that's always the dilemma.

Anonymous Anonymous

Parents should have "talks" or something with their children for sure.
I was so sheltered, and was very shocked by things I learned later.

Your posts always give me a lot to think about, Nam. :)

Blogger Nam LaMore

peri: my parents always encouraged us (there are six children in the family) to seek answers on topics they were too shy or felt inadequate to to discuss.

i do think that children needs answers - being honest can only improve their growth into a human being.

you were sheltered? i would love to read a series of entries on your blog of ideas and concepts that you later decided was not shocking. i realize parents of previous generations had different values and ways of communicating; i remember sitting round the dinner table all the time, not so anymore - now, it's in front of the tv or elsewhere, the dining table is just a place for junk mail to pile up!

oh, and i'm fond of saying: this blog is just bubblegum reading; i prefer the shallow end of the pool :-)

Blogger jaja

nam: so which hands are yours ? hahahha....

ohh.. btw can I change the nicknames to mr. palm & his brothers ?

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Wicked. I had a foto of me with a gigantic fuschia colored vibrator in my hand while on tour at the amsterdams red light district. I never bought it anyway... but I had the kick of posting them in my blog. I later learned that some people took my pic and posted it in a forum. I also circulated the pic at work, just for fun. The next day, our managing director came up and said: "i want to see the real action!" - OK, thats the netherlands, I know in other countries, that would be sexual harrassment haha.

Blogger Nam LaMore

jaja: me, i'm ambidextrous!

it is so sad that i couldn't find a reference to the male name for rosie palm. that says something about our language and attitude about women's sexuality! or maybe because i am not a woman that i was not able to find the info i needed? sorta like the chicken and the egg!

Blogger Nam LaMore

the dutched pinay: yeah, i remember reading your entry and seeing the picture - i'm not sure if i would be brave enough to take such a picture, must less post it on the internet (heavens forbid that i circulate it at work!), for all the world to see. indeed, you are a wild one!

the laws of sexual harrassment in this country is very slippery. i once took a course for managers, and we were taught that sexual harrassment is whatever someone says make them uncomfortable in the work place.

i remember having to take down a desk calendar because someone complainted. the calendar had pictures of animals "caught in the act" of copulating -- have you ever seen whales or porcupines copulate? it's amazing they reproduce at all! we all know about black widows and praying mantises.

what's more, my desk calendar was not viewable from anywhere more than, say, six feet away. i was "forced" to take it down, even without facing my "accuser".

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