If It Says "Keep Out," Do You?

As a photography-hobbyist, I often dust off my cameras and give myself "photo assignments" -- but that hasn't happened lately because my digital camera is broken, and my SLR camera is on loan to my sister; I suppose I can use my Polaroid camera. I currently don't have a phonecam, but that's next on my list should my current cellphone accidentally get damaged or stolen; just so you're aware, my cellphone is always left unguarded on my desk. One photo assignment I gave myself a couple of years ago was to photograph street, traffic and other public signs.

In the span of two weeks, I had amassed more than 1,000 digital images; however, I deleted or archived most of them except for approximately 200 images. With these 200 images, I created a screen saver for my laptop. While the screen saver is meant to be entertaining and amusing, it is also sending a clear message to on-lookers: "Keep Out!"

My top three images from this collection: Monarch Habitat, Sexual Bully and Drug-Free Zone. This is a small sample of the rotating images when the laptop is on idle. [click on images to enlarge]

Sign: BiohazardSign: Drug-Free ZoneSign: California-Mexico Border
Sign: Keep Out Archery RangeSign: Sexual BullySign: Critter County
Sign: Area ClosedSign: Stay Off CliffSign: Private Property, No Public Use
Sign: Don't Feed the WildlifeSign: Monarch HabitatSign: Directions in the Woods

I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your ... collection of handbags and shoes ... sights on your way to work ... body art (tattoos, piercings!) ... sarafi trophies (koala bears, whales!) ... bling blings ... mushrooms and garden gnomes ... and anything else! I'm fond of telling my friends, "Film is cheap!" Also, just remember that Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow) from Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow wasted her role of film by not taking pictures when she had the chance!

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Blogger mquest

How odd I just posted a picture of signs for sale on my blog.

Blogger Nam LaMore

well, you know what they say ... lemmings huddle together! i'm gonna head over and have a look!

Blogger Jaded Maniac

You are just the most interesting person ever...and I truly mean that in the best possible way...I would never think of the things that you do.

Blogger Nam LaMore

gosh, you better stop the compliments, or i'll have to start digging into my 'starbucks' fund!

do you recognize the 'sexual bully' from SF chinatown? isn't that old crazy loon just the best?

Blogger Jaded Maniac

Well, I've only been to Chinatown twice, and have never seen that. (Heck, for as long as I've lived here, I've never even been on the Golden Gate bridge!) I've been to Fisherman's Wharf many times (it seems that whenever we have out of town visitors, no matter how hard I try to dissuade them, they insist on going there!), and there, I see the bush man a lot. I always get a good laugh from him...
Oh, and don't go into your starbucks fund...I accept personal checks... ;)

Blogger DanTheresa

wow!...you did post the pictures! thank you for the preview! i think pictures are fun. some of my favorite blogs are photoblogs...words are optional and i get to make my own stories depending on what i see. :D

Blogger Nam LaMore

jadedmaniac: oh, you must walk across the golden gate bride before they slap a tax for just walking across it, the next city tax will be the breathing, followed by the blinking, tax!

i'm pretty sure that old crazy man is on grant & washington, i'll have to note the cross-street next time i'm there.

as for fisherman's wharf, if you have visitors who really want to go there, just show them this article. there, that should dissuade them from going there! once, the 'bush man' jumped me and i nearly knocked him flat! i was so scared that i actually hit him!

you don't want my checks, they bounce higher than our national deficit due to the war :-)

Blogger Nam LaMore

dantheresa: yeah, i thought it would be fun to share these pictures. i've never really rummaged around photoblogs, how do you find them? i'll have to look up a few and see what they're like. i do like to make up my own stories, so they might just be my type of blogs!

Blogger Kallun

Not a picture of a whale so much, but I think it might qualify - Two pictures - one of a Japanese whaling newsletter cartoon, and another of whale toys on the reception of the Whaling library...


Blogger Nam LaMore

it's rather an amusing cartoon -- and as a political cartoon, it achieved its goal: making me think twice about ordering a whale burger.

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

Hmmm....I have been thinking about doing a post about my tattoos, you think its a good idea?

Blogger Love Hurts

I love these pics, i've seen a pic of a sign that says "Warning, this sign has sharp edges", then underneath in small text "& beware of the cliffs". How bizarre, if i can find it i'll post it on my blog.

Blogger Nam LaMore

truejerseygirl: well, i think body art is very personal .. perhaps you can talk about it in the general sense -- you know, like what tattoos mean to you, and how you would react if your kids wanted one, etc. that would be part 1 of your post.

the follow up post is about your tattoo (when you got it, where you got it, parents' reactions, your kids' reaction, why you got it, etc), after gaging everyone's reaction, and, of course, you must interview some of your commentors (or incorporate their comments) into part 2.

doesn't that sound like a grand plan?

Blogger Nam LaMore

love hurts: what a funny sign, i think if you're gonna fall off a cliff, the sharp edges ain't gonna matter!

i really need to get a phone cam, i love taking everyday pictures; out of context, they are most entertaining!

Blogger Love Hurts

I've just found it & posted it on my blog now.
I have a phone cam & use it for taking sneaky pictures of my girls when they least expect it, & yes they are the most entertaining

Blogger Nam LaMore

i was just at your blog, and i love the sign you just posted ... it's so absurd!

who approved the text copy for that sign? proves that it doesn't take much to be a city planner [i don't know any city planner, so it's ok for me to say this!]

Anonymous Anonymous

When I worked at the Department of Defense, there were alot of really funny signs around. One was just stupid: ADEQUATE PROTECTION AGAINST RADIATION RECOMMENDED

The sign was post INSIDE the lab where the chemicals were stored! Also, RECOMMENDED?!? What kind of b.s. is that, isn't it required?

Blogger Jaded Maniac

Consider this a freebie...a sample...I'm a compliment pusher. Sooner than you know it, you'll be begging for more, stealing your grandma's vcr to pay me for them.....vanity is addictive...

Blogger Johnny Griswold

I love the signs that say "No Dumping"... Makes me wanna drop my pants and BREAK THE LAW!

Blogger Nam LaMore

anonymous: well, i'm sure whoever posted the sign was just following orders. the government is efficient that way :-)

jadedmaniac: oh, i'm not complaining! i love it! and grandma doesn't have a vcr anymore, i pawned that off for a member's only jacket in the late 80's :-)

johnny griswold: actually, i do have a "no dumping" sign in my screen saver, but didn't include it here because it was too easy to have fun with it. and i'm sure you're a law breaker, even without a sign to encourage you!

Blogger mquest

OK- I posted another sign tonight. I found this one last weekend while in the mountains. It is a misspelled sign. The other side had correct spelling.

Blogger Nam LaMore

i saw that sign .. and it's pathetic that just shows how poorly the education system is failing us!

on the off-hand that it is not a typo, then it's certainly a new, interesting word to learn. i'll try to incorporate that word into my new few days. how do you even pronouce it?

Blogger sojourning crow

"signs signs everywhere there'signs mucking up the scenery breaking my mind do this don't do that can't you read the signs..."


Nam, sorry, I don't have the time to search my town though i know that there are some around the Metal Hygeine Clinic (yes that's what it's called in my town).

How's the tan coming?? take care.

Blogger Nam LaMore

can't really have much of a tan the last few weeks -- heck, san jose had a hail storm on sunday! i nearly got stoned into swiss cheese getting to my car!

love the links - i'm gonna have to bookmark them for fun reading!

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