The Naked Chef Beat Out Martha Stewart


The results of the 9th Annual Webby Awards has been announced. Winners of the Internet's equivalent of the Oscar Awards will receive their awards June 6 in New York City's Gotham Hall. Go to the site to view the full list of categories, Webby Award winners, People's Voice winners and nominees. Highlights of categories and Webby Award winners include:
The Computer Industry Almanac estimates the worldwide Internet population in 2004 to be 934 million; projections for 2005 at 1.07 billion and for 2006 at 1.21 billion. A map of the Internet a few years ago showed that roughly 30% of the Internet was reachable from any random page; this means that most of the Internet was inaccessable from any random page. This fact was of small comfort when I could not find the information I needed on the Internet.

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Anonymous Ron

What the hell?!? The CIA won for the best employment site? I think must be a mistake. - Ron

Blogger Jaded Maniac

oooooohhhhhh...I LOVE Epicurious!
I get some of my best recipes there....and

Blogger Nam LaMore

ron: i know, i was completely surprised to see the CIA on the list. but i did check it out, and the site is actually fun and useful .. no, i didn't fill an application.

jadedmaniac: i have gone to epicurious from time to time, but actually haven't made anything from that site. it is fun, though. i wonder if martha ever submit anything there!

Blogger Jaded Maniac you have an obsession with Martha? She seems to come up quite often in your comments section...heh heh...

Blogger Nam LaMore

ah, you've noticed that i like to pick on martha! yeah, she sure is an easy target! there's so much material on her, i don't have to go research another celeb to figure out how to peeve their publicists.

you see, blogs have become a nightmare for lots celebs in that there are more information about them. so, they pay lots of publicists to keep an eye on blogs .. it's all really about helping out the economy :-)

just remember: i mentioned a while back that martha stewart now owns 35% of her soul, down from 60% in october 1999.

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Jamie Olivier has almost become a legend in casual cooking here in Europe. He can throw the vegies and spices into the pan like he is just playing kitchen. And how old is he???

I know he is darn rich but he is really low key, which I like. Got more respect for the man.

And I have always been a BBC fan.

Blogger Nam LaMore

i didn't know who jamie oliver was until some news circulated on the internet regarding an unofficial biography; the title had to do something with "the naked chef" -- and so that prompted an immediate investigation! unfortunately, it was all untrue, there was no such biography.

in the meantime, i had learned a bit about him and his no-nonesense cooking. he's young, yet very low-key. this is so inconsistent with youth culture. he was born in may 1995 .. so getting the webby award is a nice 'gift' for him. i do have a lot of respect for him.

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

The Naked Chef is HOT!

Blogger Nam LaMore

well, i can see his appeal. not to burst your bubble, but he is taken. and the sick part is, his wife's name is jool -- that's just so hippy old-school british!

i've seen a couple of his cooking shows, and he is fun to watch -- a bit more animated than julia child!

Anonymous Zack

Alexander McQueen? I figured for fashion, it would be someone like A&F. Or would that be too controverial to vote for a mainstream retailer who likes semi-pornographic images? - Zack

Blogger Nam LaMore

zack: i have no clue who is alexander mcqueen is either. i'll have to ask my friends this weekend, they tend to be a bit more aware of trends and fashion.

i haven't checked out a&f in a couple of years, but i bet they haven't toned down their porn collection; issues are passed off as fashion catalogues.

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