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Blogger mquest

Is that not the final lines of the deceleration of independence. I swear the Republican party found a new translation and that was on it.

Blogger Nam LaMore

brilliant observation! the way policies are being drawn up, i wouldn't be surprise if that is the situation! perhaps i ought to submit it to the local republican chapter as the new alligiance to the flag!

Blogger AmerAzn

You really should start another blog with post just for you poems!

Blogger stargazer

wow! you are quite a poet!! I like this one better than the mushroom one:)

Blogger Nam LaMore

amerazn: gosh, i can barely remember the password to this blog and, yet, you want me to manage multiple blogs? you have far higher expectations of my memories than you should! besides, i like to sprinkle stuff in here, makes the postings interesting for me -- all the spoof news seem normal and real next to all the crazy antics.

stargazer: thank you, but i haven't written anything in years .. i mentioned earlier that any hint of creativity was replaced years ago with corporate messaging templates! did you notice mquest comment earlier, it really got me laughing hard!

Blogger diadima

short and sweet. very nice. p.s, thanks for adding me to your blogroll, i appreciate it.

Blogger Love Hurts

As always Nam, no words can describe how great this is, shear brilliance, I love it!

Blogger Nam LaMore

diadima: i like what you have to say on your blog (i see a movie based on your blog - it's such a curse to be able to see the future). it's now a frequent stop as i go on my blog patrol.

love hurts: thank you so much! the brilliant of it is mquest's observation!

Anonymous Ron

Very nice writing. And what MQUEST said was really funny! - Ron

Blogger Nam LaMore

thank you for your kind words. this is just 'bubble gum' poetry! it's not very serious. i'm always told that good poetry needs to be about death, sadness, the lost of a loved one .. but i could never get myself to write about those topics - no personal experience!

Blogger mquest

All joking aside the first time I read your short poem this line came to me:

A change in your voice was all that I heard
A quavering breath a pause in a word

First lines of the song by --Trey Anastasio - Flock Of Words

Blogger Nam LaMore

i wasn't aware who trey anastasio was until this post. thank you for introducing him to me. i just went on his website, and it's worth exploring.

i can see the similarity between my poem and his song -- what an honor it is for me to be thought of in such an association!

Blogger mquest

Trey is most famous for being the singer / guitarist for the now defunct jam band Phish. I have no idea if he wrote this song or not.

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