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The Perfect Dinner Guests Game
Note: This post was originally published on March 10, 2005; certain entries, like this one are backdated to reduce clutter of the main blog.

In college, it was typical for my dorm floor to stay up till the wee hours to talk about everything from the meaning of life to what the hell we were doing here .. typical collegiate culture. These late night rights-of-passage talks sometime ended abruptly with everyone storming back to their rooms and slamming doors, regardless if there was a midterm the next day or not.

One subject we visited often was a hypothetical dinner party each of us would host, and who each of us would invite to dinner. The structure was very simple: there are enough place-settings for ten guests, they can be dead or alive, real or fictitious, famous or not .. pretty simple, huh? I can't say I remember my original guests list, but below is my current list; who would be invite to your dinner?

Brief biographies taken from
This discussion can be so engrossing that we sometimes discussed who sat next to whom. I miss those collegiate years of being able to stay up all night without seemingly consequence-less effects. The game was inspired by the Judy Chicago's Dinner Party installation.

last update: march 21, 2005
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Anonymous Anonymous

Dear Mr. Nam LaMore,
Your blogspot is quite interesting and I certainly look forward to reading your opinions.

I also miss those university days staying up to discuss everything and anything of importance. I actually was able to relive those times last year in a psychiatric clinic where most in-patients were diagnosed as schizos, etc. It was magnificent- tricked the nurses to allow us to stay up and listen to music and philosophize. No wonder I never wanted to leave.

And now life goes on and I'm writing to retain what sanity I still have.

Thanks for reading.

Blogger Nam LaMore

Thank you for having a look at my blog.

I'm not sure if discussions in college were of importance, as the luxury of time and naiveness afforted me [us] the chance to get on the soapbox, plan everyone's future with alternate universes, and ignore consequences. Sounds like you had a fantastic time at the clinic .. what a wonderful place to find your inner voices.

Visit again soon! And don't be shy, next time leave an uncloaked mark.

- nl

Anonymous Dave Hiller

My dinner guests would be:

1. President George W. Bush
2. Kirstie Alley
3. Julia Roberts
4. Madonna
5. Michael Jackson
6. Rock Hudson
7. Hillary Clinton
8. Boy George
9. Jerry Springer
10. Dave Hiller (me)

Can we say ... FOOD FIGHT!

Anonymous Will F

I'm not sure, but I think I played a similar game in college, but it was, "What Killer to Bring Home for Thanksgiving Dinner" - that was a fun game until we decided it was a bit too creepy.

My [updated] list would include:
Richard Ramirez
Scott Peterson
John Wayne Gacy
Jack the Ripper
Fritz Haarmann
John Christie
Edward Gein
David Berkowitz
Jeffrey Dahmer
Theodore Bundy


Anonymous Mindy Smith

I've always wanted to invite Disney's girls over:

* Arial, "The Little Mermade"
* Cinderella
* Mulan
* Pocahontas
* Jasmin, "Aladdin"
* Belle, "Beauty & the Beast"
* Tinkerbell
* Alice, "Alice in Wonderland"
* Snow White
* Aurora, "Sleeping Beauty"
* Jane, "Tarzan"

- Mindy Smith

Anonymous Lee Villars, Jr

What a simple game; I probably played similiar games in my college years too. But, haven't done so in a long time. I'm glad I ran across your post (just surfing around), and I think I'll introduce this to my friends. We like to get together, and have nothing to talk about most of the time!

- Lee Villars, Jr

Anonymous Germaine Brecks


Your post gave me an idea: I'm going to teach my kids about famous figures in history and arts using your game. I think they'll like it. Thanks for post.

- Germaine Brecks

Anonymous Stacey Newman

I want Elvis at my dinner party. We need to find out where he's been hiding out.

Also, I want to invite Amilia Earhart there, for the same reason.

- Stacey

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

hey nam,

I probably want half of your guest list! I love history you know and I often look back to the early civilazation periods.

why the fascination with poets? hehe

speak up!

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