Vacation to the Rif Mountains, Part III

Mediterranean seaside resort, MoroccoQuaint seaside resort towns of Martil and Cabo Negro1 on the Mediterranean coast are just under half an hour from cloud-covered Tetouan. As with most tourist destinations, these seaside resorts offer someone like me, a high-society, cultural packrat (NOT!), exactly what I sought: comfort, convenience and relaxation. There are plenty of cafés and a couple of art galleries, but the pristine beaches are far more inviting.

As much as I enjoyed my stay in Chaouen and my recent stay in seaside town of Al Hoceima, Martil and Cabo Negro felt far more relaxing.

I walked along the beach practically every morning and evening for the sunrises and sunsets. One one of my morning walks, I ran into a policeman patrolling the beach. Coincidentally, he said that he was from my site2 and had been stationed in Martil for the last eight months, with two more years before returning home. Peace Corps Volunteers in Morocco are officially assigned a local police officer to look into our safety, but I think this was just a coincidence that he was from my site. I keep telling myself that I have not been followed by the Moroccan secret police force since my arrival.

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Mediterranean seaside resort, Morocco
A cliché: Imagine sitting on the beach, listening to the calls of the sea and taking in the saline air.

Mediterranean seaside resort, Morocco
Now, imagine sitting on the beach and listening to the call of a camel.

Mediterranean seaside resort, Morocco
Yes, there is a ClubMed for those who in need of pampering. Unfortunately, I'm on a Peace Corps Volunteer income.

Mediterranean seaside resort, Morocco
All quiet on the beach.

Mediterranean seaside resort, Morocco
Boy fishing off a jetty.

Mediterranean seaside resort, Morocco
Man preparing to troll for mollusks.

Mediterranean seaside resort, Morocco
Beached fishing boats.

Mediterranean seaside resort, Morocco
Discovered a secluded cove for fishing and swimming.

Mediterranean seaside resort, Morocco
Fishing boats at sunset.

Next destination: cloud-covered Tetouan, the trading city that inspired the fictional planet Tatooine in the "Star Wars" universe.
1. Stayed in Martil, and walked along its beach to get to less-crowded Cabo Negro beach. I spent so much time walking up and down the beaches that I don't really distinguish between the two.
2. He gave me contact info for his family and that I should visit them for couscous on Friday.

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Anonymous John Carter

AMAZING PICTURES! Thanks for sharing your Peace Corps experience, it must be tough to be in the Middle East right now.

Anonymous cindy flemming

This looks very relaxing. I hope to visit Morocco next summer, unfortunately I have to go during the high season and be a tourist. I just don't have the time off during the year (public school teacher).

Blogger Tirtha Acharya

I like your all blogs. Keep posting.
Well Done
Thank you!!!

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