Time to Hit the Beach!

Medina of Rabat, MoroccoThe weather is beginning to warm up, but I hear that some sites in the Middle Atlas are still getting snow in May! My sympathy goes out to all Volunteers at such sites. It's still cool in my site, but it's perfect beach weather in Rabat. I go on weekends when I "think" it'll get too hot in my site.

To get to the beaches in Rabat, I often use the trail that bisects along the medina, meanders through the cemetery and ends at the lighthouse cliff; from here, it's a simple climb down the cliff-face to reach the beach1. Though non-Muslims are allowed to enter this cemetary, I keep a low profile when crossing it, i.e. keeping my shirt on, wearing pants, paying respect to mourners, etc.

Beach in Rabat, Morocco

Beach in Rabat, Morocco

Beach in Rabat, Morocco

Beach in Rabat, Morocco

1. I'm sure Peace Corps' Safety & Security Officer would rather I take a more worn route to the beach.
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Anonymous Elaine Adam

I love going to the beach, but never had to cross a cemetery to get to one.

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