The Why of This Blog

Does a blog need to have a mission statement?

I found myself asking this most taxing of business-oriented questions as a result of a light-hearted discussion over at peri's, mquest's and howbizarre's blogs. A beloved manager at one of my previous companies had the policy of asking us to review, update and publish our personal mission statement as part of her customized, annual performance review process. Of course, the mission statement had to be at a fairly high level and reflect our work responsibilities.

My last mission statement handed to her: Contribute to [company name & business unit]'s overall integrated marketing efforts with superior, differentiated, and results-driven programs that value speed in execution, strategic direction, awareness of market condition and worldwide impact.

'Laugh Loud and Often'

This blog, in concert with other blogs, has the pre-determined destiny to bring about world peace through the healing quality and process of laughing.

A key precept for this mission statement can be found within this article; excerpt:
"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." e.e.cummings

You have my expressed permission to use either mission statements in their entirety or in parts, no credit or linkback is necessary.

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Blogger Nam LaMore

ok, with my mission statement published .. i'm heading out for drinks with friends. i ain't updating this blog for a few days .. and let's hope i'm semi-sober when i leave comments for y'all on your blogs.

happy naked saturday/sunday!

Blogger HowBizarre

You are just amazing! You actually brought tears to my eyes with this one!
Continue to grow! Don't ever stop writing. you have a pure and undeniable talent!

I enjoy it thoroughly!

Thank you!
I just used that statistic about children laughing 400 times a day. I try to laugh as much as I can. And don't ever care that it will cause wrinkles! There are worse things in life...


Blogger mquest

If my work asked me to turn in a mission statement mine would look something like this:

Hone my passive aggressive traits while exploring social engineering among my peers.

I wold then make sure they saw me turn in my mission statement. I would quickly return and destroy it before anyone read it. Once the realize that THEY lost it they never ask for a second copy.

I do not laugh out loud often. I try to keep it all inside so no one will catch on.

Blogger Nam LaMore

howbizarre: glad you liked it! i really had meant to write it up, just so i keep my "eyes on the prize"! i had heard that statistics about children laughing more than adults - makes sense - but the reason to why that's the case is still elusive. i have yet to find any study/research that points out why adult choose not to laugh as much as children -- become jaded over time?

and, i don't think you get wrinkles at all .. you get "character" lines!

Blogger Nam LaMore

mquest: hey, that sounds the the mission station to some of the blogs i've run across! sometimes, it is best to keep the masterplan to oneself until the mothership can provide backup!

Anonymous Anonymous

That is very cool. :)
I like your blog, you seem real.

Ever notice that people are so not their real selves?
Ever been with people that have that "fake" laughter thing going on?

Blogger HowBizarre

The reason that children laugh more than adults is that they are afraid. They are afraid of too many insignificant 'things'.
Things like "What will they think?"
or "Am I laughing too loud"
or "They'll think that I'm not working"

or "If they hear me maybe they won't like me"...

I say...Get over it!! Laugh!
Laughing is such great medicine.
I try to smile all of the time. My daughter asked me last week, "Mom, why do people smile at you all of the time?"

I replied with "Because I smiled at them!"

I agree! Laugh Loud and Often!!

Blogger Nam LaMore

peri: oh, i fake laugh all the time! but interestingly enough .. it turns into a real laugh a few seconds later .. i think my sarcasm is overwhelmed by my imagination!

Blogger Nam LaMore

howbizarre: i gave up the notion while in college that laughing makes me seem less cool or not serious. i'll have to go off-line and tell you the reason sometime, as the details may be too sensitive to reveal here.

i love it when strangers smile from afar -- it's a greeting that is universal and very comforting.

Anonymous Anonymous

A blog mission statement... what a great idea...LOL.

I agree with your mission.. we need to increase the our laughter rate.


Blogger frankysbride

forget one hand clapping.
what is the sound of one mission stating?


Blogger The Elusive Loo

I like your mission statement. Laughter is great, that's all I use mine for. That and to keep myself occupied and entertained when i should be working.

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

How sad that we lose all the fun in our lives once we become adults. Thank God I am never growing up.

Blogger Nam LaMore

canadian dude: well, i can't say i gave it my all in drafting up that mission statement .. and, of course, suggestions and comments are welcome to edit it .. however, i doubt if i'll give it more thought on the matter. :-)

btw: i see that your blog has evolved alot since i first discovered it.

frankysbride: hey there! you're made it through the darkness and with us again. so, i was reading your backlog and have many questions!

'even the smallest person [mission statement] can change the course of the future' ~galadriel, lord of the rings

Blogger Nam LaMore

louise nilon: oh, i always tell my boss that i'm doing research. because humour is never wasted :-) ah, a simple mission statement: laughter is great -- clear and precise, i like it!

truejerseygirl: well, not all of us have a hubby to pay the bills!

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Well laughing can make you live longer, right? And make you look and feel younger :-). That's a cool mission statement you have!

Blogger Nam LaMore

the dutched pinay: i'm not sure if there's any absolute research that says laughing can make you live longer, but i don't see the harm if that's the side effect!

i still can't believe that i have a 'mission statement' for a blog, that's just so work-like. my mind must have been baked from sitting out in the sun too long!

well, i love your mission statement too (it's in your subhead, non?)!

Blogger Knottyboy

I have always tried to laugh in the face of my problems. I'm still a little angry around the edges but I try my damnedest to keep laughing.

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