I Am a Vampire Slayer, Part II

Buffy and Co: Sarah Michelle GellarResident Buffy, the Vampire Slayer expert diadima got me thinking: what are some good dirt on Sarah Michelle Gellar since she ditched publicity firm William Morris Agency.

Except for holding a Grudge, Sarah hasn't done much lately. So I got on the phone with the likes of Liz Smith, Neal Travis, Marilyn Beck and other Hollywood insiders. I found out that Ms. Gellar had won the part of Buffy long before the rest of the cast was even asked to audition for their parts. Apparently, studio executives were impressed with Ms. Gellar and had considered asking her to possibly play all parts. [click on image to enlarge]

Personal assistant to a powerful studio executive, on condition of anonymity, confided, "I read an inter-office memo saying '... ask Sarah to play all the parts ... and overheard my boss saying to the other executives, '... signing Sarah on will wipe out our budget for three seasons in just a couple of episodes'."

The personal assistant added, "My boss is so ungrateful, I need to get out of here. Hollywood is so tough to get noticed, do you have any leads for me?"

Fresh from hosting a Buffy, the Vampire Slayer marathon, please feel free to contact diadima for all your Buffy trivia and needs.

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Blogger diadima

nam, you kill me.

Anonymous Anonymous

I love "Buffy" - it's too bad that they messed it with Willow, though. - Dean

Blogger Nam LaMore

diadima: don't you just love it? i've seen a few episodes of 'buffy' and i swear, she is playing every role!

anonymous/dean: did i miss something? i thought willow was just fine the way she was. but then agian, there was that one time at bandcamp ...

you'll need to clarify, please.

Blogger The Elusive Loo

Wow! John Malkovich eat your heart out!

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

I have never seen even one episode of Buffy, ever!

My only comment about her can be that my husband can't stand her because he says her nose is a weird shape.

Blogger Nam LaMore

louise nilon: i love the fact that you tagline is the taste that lingers .. i showed that to a few of my friends and we had a good laugh over pizza last night.

truejerseygirl: i'm not a big "buffy" fan, but i do like the movie-released one. i actually play that often as background. hmmm .. i sense a new blog topic developing: background music/movie while doing other things. i'll have to muse on this some more.

i haven't read anything about ms sarah michelle having a nose job (maybe she needs to get one), or a past accident that disfigured her. maybe she was born unlucky that way :-(

Blogger diadima

now, now, sarah is perfect. that is all.

Blogger Lester T.

truejerseygirl: not liking someone because of their nose? how about Cameron Diaz? what kind of schnoz is that?? by comparison, Sarah is pretty fine. yes, i used to watch Buffy all the time but please don't mention anything about my lolita complex. =)

Blogger diadima

don't worry about it lester, i used to watch buffy with my DAD. that's right, and i also caught him talking to his construction buddies about Dawson's Creek one day, no lie.

Blogger frankysbride

Nam, that's hysterical!

Blogger Nam LaMore

lester t: oh, you must do a quick search on "HDTV" on my blog - there's a revealing post about cameron diaz when HDTV technology smacks her in the face. coincidentally, i went to school with "cammy" and i have to say that her sister, charmaine, is the friendlier of the two!

Blogger Nam LaMore

diadima: well, from what i can tell, 'buffy' is a bridge between the generations, the sexes, the have-and-have-nots (i'm a have-not), the old- and new- world goths, etc.

i don't watch much of it, but i do have to say i always walk away feeling like, i too, can save the world with an oak spike.

and, just to be fair to the vampires and other monsters out there. here's a memorable quote from clive barker's "nightbreed" movie (too bad the sequel was hasn't been produced):

"To be able to fly? To be smoke, or a wolf; to know the night, and live in it forever? That's not so bad. You call us monsters, but when you dream, it's of flying and hanging, and living without death. You envy us. And what you envy..."

don't you just want to go find and hug a monster?

Blogger Nam LaMore

frankysbride: well, i just couldn't help it! we needed to remember that the perfect sarah is a talented actor.

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

now, you got me really curious of what you do... =)

havent posted my personality entry, was not in the mood to write. had the crazy pms hormonal thang hijack me.

Blogger Lester T.

diadima: waitasec! just how old do you think i am? and i do NOT stoop down to dawson's creek level! btw, katie holmes and tom cruise freaks me out, but i'm kind of jealous...

Blogger Lester T.

nam: checked out the HDTV post and the list. i'm glad that the list reaffirms my insistence that cameron diaz and britney spears are NOT GOOD LOOKING! sad though to note that sarah michelle gellar was given dishonorable mention further on down the list.

Blogger Nam LaMore

the dutched pinay: due to the various (yes, i signed more than one!) non-compete agreements, i really cannot go into details of what i currently do. however, techno-stalkers do know what i've been up to; go to the 'search' on the top of this blog :-)

i'll be able to discuss more about my future plans as my legal clearance get approved.

i always love your food entries -- reminds me of when i used to a jamie oliver doppelganger. i get inspired to cook whenever you post food entries -- then i realize that the take-away joints around the corner is faster, and without the mess in the kitchen :-)

Blogger HowBizarre

Thank you nam lamore! You have a very interesting site. I think that I will also be back to yours often. I especially like all of the useful information and the cool pics!!

Blogger SSC

Hi there Nam Lamore!
Thanks for visiting my site! I"m new to this and have lots more to post. I enjoyed your site. It's an information haven!

Blogger Jaded Maniac

diadima: Your dad and Dawson's creek? I can't stop laughing!!! (sorry)

Blogger Nam LaMore

lester t: you weren't suppose to scroll that far down to see that our beloved + perfect sarah michelle gellar got a dishonorable mention -- i may just have to delete your offending comment .. just/kidding.

Blogger Nam LaMore

howbizarre: i'm already loving your blog - just went for a quick look. i'll be back to your blog after dinner to dig a bit deeper! unlike kallun (he had fish/sushi), i'm gonna have pizza tonight .. pizza sounds good no matter the time of year!

Blogger Nam LaMore

chrisincolorado: your blog and howbizzare's blog look sorta similiar -- if so, how you manage to mantain multiple blogs is beyond me. i have enough trouble with just this one! if not, then you two were separated at blog-birth.

oh, don't look to this blog for a source of info, you'll be misleading your office-mates as much as i do! just make sure to double-check your sources .. cuz, this blog is just for amusement :-)

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