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Reading BlogsI got into the habit of reading not just current blog entries, but also backlog entries and comments-on-comments. Perhaps there will be a service to bound blogs as books or magazines -- my patent attorney is already on it. Five entries/bloggers that have caught my attention:
The resident interpreter/translator, her comment-on-comment is more than appropriate: anonymous: Hey Ass, no one asked you to read this blog, or even to leave a go f&^* yourself! I was on her blog and saw the anonymous' comment before it was deleted, and, I must say, amerazn's reaction is far more contained than if I had written it.

He's an Aussie in Japan, that's already enough material for a fun blog. However, what really caught my attention is the fact that he's a certified koala bear handler. I wonder how he feels about my proposed koala coat.

Lester has an amazing story to share. He's starting an Internet business (good luck!), but that's just part of his story. This marks the second anniversary of his kidney transplant, his brother was the donor. You just know there will be a movie made of his adventures! I want to be an extra in the movie!

A confirmed vegetarian for 16 years (and counting!), she has a taste for whale meat and a wicked sense of humour. Apparently, Elrond and Galadrial gave their Elvish Rings of Power before leaving for the Undying Lands; Gandalf left his ring in my care.

scott wallick
A returned Peace Corps volunteer, he was in Napal 2002-2004 and continues to share his happiness and experience. How freakin' cool is that? Take your time when reading the backlog, it's an amazing journey.
I'm looking forward to discovering other blogs and back entries!

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Blogger Jaded Maniac

And obviously, yours is another one of interest. You are just full information and interesting reads. Many things for us to think about after we leave your blog for the day....and no matter how deep, it's still light...I always look forward to visiting and am never disappointed! (Do you feel the pressure now?)

Blogger Nam LaMore

you are too kind! the goal of this blog is simple: the intersection of fact and fiction, bound by humour (hence the title of the blog).

i do hope that you went to visit these sites. leave them a comment!

i would have included more blogs (like yours!), but i wanted to keep it to a minimum for this list. another list will is expected shortly!

Blogger Kallun

In terms of you Koala Coat - it's very nice. But can I make a small suggestion - you should do what Cruella DeVille did in 101 Dalmations and go after the joeys (baby Koalas). They're fur is nice and soft, but you would need alot of them to make a decent size coat...

And if you use the northern Koalas, you can have a grey coat, and if you want a brown one, go for the southern ones.

Finally, they're planning on doing a mass culling of Koalas on an island just off mainland Australia because there are too many of them, so if you hurry, you could make a killing... ;-)

Blogger AmerAzn

You saw that Nam? I was so erked by it!~!~! But oh well, I had the power to delet it!~!~! *evil laugh*

I feel so special everytime you mention me....I may not ALWAYS leave comments...but I am ALWAYS reading your posts...I always leave your blog a smarter person, and with a new perspective on things...I just love you Nam!~!~!~

Anonymous Anonymous

It's too bad the anon comment was deleted off AMERAZN's blog. You make it sound like it was dripping with venom! - Shirley (yes, your old boss)

PS: call me tomorrow, I want to hear what's been going on with that recommendation I wrote for you last winter.

Blogger Jaded Maniac

I'm definitely going to check out Scott's blog soon, and the others too. Ah, don't feel like you should to mention my blog...I'm sure no one really cares about what goes on in the day to day life of a crazy stay at home mom....ha ha ha

Blogger Nam LaMore

amerazn: yeah, i saw that anon post, and was a bit surprise that people can be so vicious. but i suppose they wouldn't think twice since it's *only* online. personally, words have impact whether on- or off-line.

oh, do check your sources when you walk away from my blog :-) it is the intersection of reality and fiction. "I'm Grey. I stand between the candle and the star. We are Grey. We stand between the darkness and the light."" ~ Babylon 5

never consider yourself 'smarter' after visiting my blog; i'm happy if you consider yourself amused after a visit!

Blogger Nam LaMore

shirley: oh my! have you been lurking on my site? i'll have to tell you all about the anonymous poster on her blog. it was so not cool -- remember linda from way back? it's sorta like the thing she would say.

i'll call you after work tomorrow to catch-up on the project i've been working on that needed your input.

Blogger Nam LaMore

jaded maniac: are you kidding? even the first lady is a desperate housewife! i'm sorta selfish: i mention blogs as they fit my needs :-)

you've been spared this round, but won't be so lucky in the next round. "i'll get you my pretty...and your little dog too!" ~wizard of oz

Blogger Nam LaMore

kallun: i had no idea there were different grades of koala bear pelts, who knew! there's a mass culling? koala bears are cute and the icon of down-under, the australian public affairs team must be on over-drive to downplay this; either that, or PETA is focusing on other causes.

i mean, if we started to kill off, say, bald eagles (a symbol of freedom, USA, etc) then you know the press would be all over that. i must do some research on this culling, it sounds like it could have some impact on increasing koala coat production.

Anonymous Karen Smith

PETA not paying attention to the deaths of koala bears? This is the publicity they are always after -- sexy, cute and glamorous are hallmarks of their campaigns and causes.

They wouldn't care if you stepped on the last 'roach, but make it about a something cute (like a Giant Panda Bear), and they would be on it faster than a moth to a flame. - Karen Smith

Blogger frankysbride

Nam: you are a saffron-robed rock star...

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

Its always fun to go back and read the old stuff and the comments. You can see how people have grown (or haven't) in their writing.

Blogger Nam LaMore

frankysbride: that is a title i currently do not have! how fantastic! i can add that to my titles, just like Star Trek's Lwaxan Troi, daughter of Betazed's Fifth House, holder of the sacred Chalice of Rixx and heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed. Trivia: actress majel barrett is the wife of the late gene roddenberry, creator of star trek. also, she is the ubiquitous voice of the ship's computer - has been since the 60's series (i think that's gene's 'gift' to her).

Blogger Nam LaMore

truejerseygirl: yeah, i do feel it is my 'duty' to read the backlog entries. my discovering a blog doesn't mean it didn't exist before my discovery :-) you're so right about seeing the change (or not), but i have a habit of reading back entries non-linearly ... my jr highschool teacher would be proud to know that i'm using this word!

Blogger Lester T.

Hey Nam! Thanks for the mention in your blog. Personally, I think you should be putting your own blog on the list because, as far as I can see, everyone here enjoys it a lot. But then again, I guess they already know that you're a great blogger. In fact, because of you, I have decided to restart my other blog to share on a more personal level. I'll be sure to let you know when I have something for people to read.

Blogger Nam LaMore

lester t: it is i who should thank you for sharing your experience and adventure. i can't say this is a 'real' blog, as i don't really put that much personal, daily info here (personal info & experience are tucked to keep marketers from stalking me -- speaking of, i have an entry about techno stalker.)

i'm looking forward to your blog entries.

Blogger Love Hurts

Well i'll certainly be making a few trips to the named 'Five Blogs Of Interest'. Your blog is so full of interesting info, great reading.

Blogger Nam LaMore

love hurts: i hope you do find them interesting, i certainly did. some are very text-heavy, so i can't take too much of that in one viewing - it is in the repeat visit that i find most fascinating!

it really does feel like going on an archaeological dig, as i'll find glimmer of fun (often personal) facts about the blogger or the situation of the posts.

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

I'm back from being sobered lol.

Well, this entry reminds me of my stalkers in the past (I still have stalkers now, but they are just lurking). They leave nasty messages. What I normally do is just greet them: Hi! Welcome! Thanks for dropping by! AND forget all the other things they said. It works great, after some time, they get tired. Can't be bothered to waste my precious time and emotions on them trolls. OR, just delete their post, DONE and move on. Cool, hehe.

Blogger Nam LaMore

personally, i think having stalkers and lurkers is the last proof that you have a fan base!

i don't give it a second thought, i just don't dignify nasty messages with the appropriate response. i tend to take the opposite approach. how does the saying go? win 'em over love, i think is how it goes. works most of the time. if not, then the 'delete' (and 'send') remains a favorite button.

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