Pamela Anderson Talks, Who Listens?

KFC and its secret recipeChicken-related news remains a hot topic ...

Former "Baywatch" star and Playboy model Pamela Anderson, along with PETA, announced recently that she's giving up chicken. Actually, Pam's boycott only goes as far as Colonel Sanders. Anderson narrates a new five-minute video that illuminates the horrible treatment of chickens supplied to KFC, which, Anderson claims, includes "crippling chickens and scalding them alive. No animal should have to suffer this way, whether they're cats, dogs or chickens." Pammy adds that the secret recipe for KFC chicken is cruelty. Watch the video here.

Nutritional Value: Chicken vs Other Meats
In general, chicken has the lowest fat & caloric content when compared to pork, beef and lamb. Go for pork sausages if you want to blubber up.

Which Came First: Chicken or the Egg?
The age old question has an answer based on scientific explanation; if you don't believe in evolution, then this answer just won't work for you. Answer by HowStuffWorks:
In nature, living things evolve through changes in their DNA. In an animal like a chicken, DNA from a male sperm cell and a female ovum meet and combine to form a zygote -- the first cell of a new baby chicken. This first cell divides innumerable times to form all of the cells of the complete animal. In any animal, every cell contains exactly the same DNA, and that DNA comes from the zygote.

Chickens evolved from non-chickens through small changes caused by the mixing of male and female DNA or by mutations to the DNA that produced the zygote. These changes and mutations only have an effect at the point where a new zygote is created. That is, two non-chickens mated and the DNA in their new zygote contained the mutation(s) that produced the first true chicken. That one zygote cell divided to produce the first true chicken.

Prior to that first true chicken zygote, there were only non-chickens. The zygote cell is the only place where DNA mutations could produce a new animal, and the zygote cell is housed in the chicken's egg. So, the egg must have come first.
Chicken Trivia:
My fascination with chicken? In the Chinese Zodiac, I was born in the Year of the Rooster; however, some will argue that all men are born under the Sign of the Cock.

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Anonymous Leon

It might be sad, but it's true: when Pamela talks, I ain't paying attention to what she's saying. - Leon

Anonymous Tony

I realize this is a strange thing to say, but I stopped eathing chicken a few years ago when salmonella broke out like wildfire. Same with beef. I don't care to get madcow disease.

Well, thank goodness I'm not Jewish.

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

Year of the Cock, that's great.

I stopped eating beef about 10 years ago when I saw a scary story on 20/20 about how they are slaughtered. So I choose not to listen to those stories anymore so I don't have to give up anything else yummy.

Anonymous Anonymous

I love KFC -- but everytime I read stuff like this, I get put off for a few days. But whenever I drive by a KFC, I have to stop in for a bucket! Sure beats frying at home -- too messy.

Blogger Love Hurts

ha ha, Year of the Cock!!!!
Well I love meat too much to give it up, mind you I have a boycott of McD's at the moment, only due to "Super Size Me". Coincidentally I watched an episode of The Simpsons last night when Lisa decided that she couldn't eat meat anymore.

Blogger Nam LaMore

leon: thank you for dropping by. those people at PETA ain't that dumb. they know that sex and shock get attention. it's too bad, really, because, in a way, PETA is trivializing their cause by drawing attention from sex/shock.

tony: hmmm, perhaps you're on your way to being a vegetarian/vegan! the wonders of soy and glutten meats!

Blogger Nam LaMore

truejerseygirl: ah, i remember hearig about that 20/20 story. thank goodness i was working late or something and had missed that episode, otherwise i would have given up beef too! but, i do love my beef fondue parties and can't give up veal that easily!

oh, i remember you mentioned in your blog that you're an avid oprah watcher! i think she's the one who is credited for the (inter)national awareness of madcow disease.

anonymous: i swear that fast food places have a 'flavor-fan' blowing their scents in all directions. i can't seem to drive by mcdonald's without stopping in for some fries!

Blogger Nam LaMore

love hurts: oh, i really enjoyed 'super size me' -- it was very entertaining. i can't say i agreed with how morgan made the documentary (it's rather one-sided). he completely went on an all-mcd diet for 30 days.

i don't think people have that sort of diet. but, i do think that the corporate mcd person (lisa something) wasn't too smart -- completely ignored his request for an interview. i'm sure places like mcd have standby answers and spokespeople when it comes to questioning their food as part of an overall diet.

i know which 'the simpsons' episode you're referring to, and lisa is one of my fav characters -- the other one is any number of guests on the show!

Anonymous Chuck

KFC can deepfry anything and I'll eat it! - Chuck

Blogger Jaded Maniac

I'm so glad I finally know the answer to the "chicken or the egg" question. I can sleep like a baby tonight. I'm going to have to keep a copy of that explanation!

Blogger Nam LaMore

chuck: i think there's a roadkill with your name on it!

jadedmaniac: isn't that something? somehow, i can't see me explaining this to my nephew (he's 6 yrs old). he won't appreciate it.

Anonymous Tina

At first, I thought this blog was ALL chicken news ALL the time! Fun stuff on your blog. - Tina

Blogger Nam LaMore

tina: no, it won't be one-subject focus. i don't know enough about chicken and poultry to keep it going for long!

Blogger AmerAzn

That's funny...I could have sworn I read somewhere that Pamela Anderson was a Vegan...hrm...

And the KFC thing...well there is a boycott of some sort out here in Fresno at one of the KFS's....They hold up signs saying that KFC tortures their chickens....I'm torn...I love chicken but I have a big heart when it comes to animals and I DO NOT believe in animal abuse!

Blogger Nam LaMore

amerazn: i'm not sure if she's vegan, but i think that pam is a vegetarian. those folks are very strict about how they define vegan/vegetarian.

i won't give up fried chickens - i love my fellow animals, but i'm not ready to give up meat yet. a few years ago, i was in dallas for a business trip. our group decided to go to a stakehouse down the street. i wasn't feeling my best, so i didn't want a heavy meal.

after looking over the menu, i asked the waitperson if there was any vegetarian dishes. she said, "turn to the next page, dear. you'll find some nice dishes on the left side of the menu."

on the left side of the menu were lots of dishes .. they were all chicken dishes. apparently, chicken is a vegetable in texas!

Blogger diadima

am i the only one who thought that entire post was absolutely hilarious? I took a moral questions and social policies course last year and at that time was introduced to an animated short called "The Meatrix". Equally eye-opening and entertaining, view it here

Blogger Nam LaMore

diadima: thanks for the "meatrix" -- you've managed to make me a vegan for the rest of the week! well, no "all-you-can-eat ribs night" for a few months!

Anonymous Anonymous

Hey, you're a rooster.

have you seen the movie "The colonel goes to Japan"? We watched in our International biz class.

I can't remember exactly, but I think a Japanese co. had too many chickens, and bringing in KFC was a good way to use them up. It was made in the 80's, but still very interesting.

I am trying to buy grain fed, free range chick & eggs lately, it is more expensive, though.

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