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While waiting at my friend's place for him to finish some work, I quickly scanned a magazine on his counter: Technology Review (May 2005 Issue). The cover story looked promising: 10 Emerging Technologies. I am generally skeptical of such sensational journalism and manipulation for my attention, but I read the article and was pleasantly surprised at the predictions:
Technology Review (May 2005 issue)1. Airborne Networks: An Internet in the sky could let planes fly safely without ground controllers. 2. Quantum Wires: Wires spun from carbon nanotubes could carry electricity farther and more efficiently. 3. Silicon Photonics: Making the material of computer chips emit light could speed data flow. 4. Metabolomics: A new diagnostic tool could mean spotting diseases earlier and more easily. 5. Magnetic-Resonance Force Microscopy: The promise is a 3-D view of the molecular world. 6. Universal Memory: Nanotubes make possible ultradense data storage. 7. Bacterial Factories: Overhauling a microbe’s metabolism could yield a cheap malaria drug. 8. Enviromatics: Computer forecasts enhance farm production and species diversity. 9. Cell-Phone Viruses: Wireless devices catch bad code through the air and then infect supposedly secure computer systems. 10. Biomechatronics: Mating robotics with the nervous system creates a new generation of artificial limbs that work like the real thing.
Anyhow, the plan was to go out for dinner and, afterwards, a movie. My friend suggested pizza for dinner, and we drove over to Amici's East Coast Pizzaria. I had read reviews, but could never recall when asked for suggestions of pizza parlors. I discovered that Amici Pizza served the best thin-crust pizza west of New York City; toppings were soy-cheese, grilled eggplant and fresh tomatoes on a not-too-acidic tomato sauce.

Apparently the pizzaria does more take-away than dine-in business. Parking spaces outside the restaurant were measured in milliseconds: as soon as a vehicle sped off to make deliveries, returning vehicles vied for one of the three princess-parking spaces to temporarily park so drivers could run in to get orders for the next deliveries. I counted at least eight delivery vehicles.

After dinner, we killed time at a cafe before making our way to the movie, "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Very entertaining. The advertising strategy for this movie is interesting: trailers focus on the story, not the actors; the author Douglas Adam is mentioned in the trailers, but not the actors. I used to hitchhike while in college (not just to get on and off campus); now, I make an effort to pick up hitchhikers when I have space or time. I still occasionally hitchhike.

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Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Nam, Did you know that they just recently found a virus on SMS's (mobile)??? I mean for real.

I dont know, I cant stand to eat more than 1 slice of pizza. That reminds me to go on diet, its almost summer and I can feel my flabby arms and tummy, argh! You know how the women are here in Europe during summer, they all wiggle into their bikinis or they go topless or worse, naked hahaha.

Blogger Nam LaMore

yeah, i read a couple days ago about the mabir.a virus that can be sent via bluetooth. my cell phone acts as a phone and a PDA, i don't use any of the web features. a friend told me it's still not secure.

i love pizza. it's the one food that has everything i like and need! i used to throw make-you-own pizza parties all the time. i would provide pizza dough (i buy the fresh dough from a local pizzaria, they sell them cheap) and basic toppings; some people would bring exotic toppings like venison or dill-laced goat cheese.

while the individualize pizzas were baking, we would watch movies (no one really pays attention), gossip, play board games or listen to music. everyone always had a fun time. and there were usually left over pizza pies for lunch the next day. i love cold pizza.

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

I noticed, ALL MEN love pizza.

Blogger Nam LaMore

ah - i think what you've observed has a very simple answer: pizza is like a multi-vitamin & minerals pill, it has everything. that way, guys don't need to make focus on the food pyramid and amke sure all food groups are reprented!

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