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The Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt Love ChildThe world skipped a beat when we first heard that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were getting a divorce. If Tinsletown's Royal Couple is not able to make it, then what chance do we mere mortals have at love, valor and happiness? The reason for the picture-perfect breakup is clear now (at least according to People Magazine): Angelina Jolie.

What would a Jolie-Pitt love child look like? We can only guess with the miracle of digital photography. [Click on image to enlarge]

Currently, I'm hanging out at a cafe in West Hollywood, and Angelina's name is tossed around like a bag of cheap make-ups: she won't last. Overheard in the table behind me, "Angelina's too much for Brad. He won't be able to keep her happy." And at another table, "Who does she think she is ... coming between Brad and Jen?" I hear this whether waiting for the traffic light or shopping at a trendy thrift shops.

There you have it. Hollywood has spoken: looks like our beloved Tomb Raider has raided the wrong tomb. As for me, I'm not thrilled that Angelina might be the reason for the Pitt-Aniston break-up, but if it wasn't meant to be then they might as well be happy with each other. The Pitt-Aniston divorce is not yet final; we can still hope. Does a letter writing campaign apply in this case?

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Anonymous Kitty

We're all over this news in Thailand. I guess it's because of Angelina's kid - we want to make sure he has a good dad. - Kitty

Anonymous Beth

HMMM Brad still looks the same, even with Angelina morphed in. - Beth

Blogger AmerAzn

Thanks Nam, for the tips on my comments....And I like your posts as well...gotta a lot of input! Might be back for some more FAQ's

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation


Whats the story between Angelina and her brother? Aren't they kissing kins?

Blogger Knottyboy

By any chance were you sublimely sitting at what we used to call the Queenery [Greenery] in Weho? Such a super spot for seeing the boys and hearing the noise.

As for this break up, I'm not sure what's the correct plan of action. If Brad and Angie's kid's mouth is going to look like it got caught in a pool drain; they both need to step away from the gene pool.

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

I heard someone say that Brad better watch out because the public is siding with Jenifer. So if it appears that he left her for Angelina, it could negatively effect his career. Time will tell.

Blogger Nam LaMore

kitty: do tell! it seems that would be the case, the people of thailand are very protective of angelina (so i've heard).

beth: yeah, brad seems to look the same, but angelina is completely changed!

amerazn: do come back if you have more questions. i just started blogging a couple of months ago, and i've had to learn to use all the wonderful tools. some frustration, but a good experience overall :-)

the dutched pinay: i didn't really pay attention to the whole brouhaha when angelina kissed her james (her brother), but what i know: james haven is a half-brother, and they claim the relationship between them is purely platonic. jolie has a streak of shock values. so take it for what it is: she's protective of her brother, and into media attention (she's been modeling since the age of 14). she achieved her goal: making headlines.

knottyboy: don't hate me, but i was at the starbucks on santa monica -- across from 24hr fitness (i had just finished working out and wanted to hang for a bit). glad to know that you're no stranger to weho; indeed, it's a great place to hang out and people watch (and eavesdrop on the latest gossips).

yeah, the kid's gonna have heck of a chiselled chin.

truejerseygirl: oh, i agree with you. i'm already seeing that brad is pictured as the 'bad guy' for leaving jen. i think the public is accustomed to the hollywood romance. Yeah, brad's career may slide a bit; however, i'm sure his team of publicists is working off a template crisis communications plan. :-)

Anonymous Anonymous

Maybe Angelina's biological clock is ticking faster now that she has a child, and that means "landing" a man to settle down with. Billy-Bob just wasn't for her. Brad is a better "catch".

Anonymous Julie

Does this mean we'll never see a Brad-Jen love child? - Julie

Blogger Nam LaMore

anonymous: well, that's what i'm hearing as well, she is putting a priority on taking care of maddox. i am in full support of that, even if that means it's gonna be brad.

julie: well, anything is possible. maybe she has his account to to the sperm bank.

Anonymous Anonymous

I understand they are celebrities and all. But they deserve some happiness, too.

Blogger bogan-A

Put more Ange in, put more ange in!


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