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What's in a Name?"Let there be light ..." is the start of the Creation event in Genesis 1:3. Another is the Big Bang Theory. No matter how they start, Creation myths from around the world basically tell the same story: how the world came into being. The Naming of Things, a concept known as 'anthropomorphizing,' is part of my Creation myth: I have a habit of naming things in my world; psychologically, they are not just 'things' but are useful 'helpers.'

I suppose the names come from my interest in mythologies and such; the Names of some of the 'helpers' in my world:
Medusa: work computer .. Puck: home computer .. Chance: mobile phone .. Pandora: digital camera .. Bliss: SLR camera .. Flux: car .. Karma: wallet .. Random: MP3 player .. Flip & Flop: right and left (favorite pair of) shoes.
The cell phone is my only helper with a last name: Play. I don't normally use their names in public, but don't be surprise if you hear me say "Have you seen Chance Play?" or "Damn it, Puck's acting up again!"

Three concepts futurists want to convey in a pervasive computing future:
I wonder if this is how C3PO evolved to Data ... better practice being polite to your cell phone now.
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Anonymous Sarah

What a funny post, but you are right: devices are increasingly personalized. I remember a few years ago people started to glamorize their cell phones (remember when it was just what arrived in the box?), today's cell phones have moan tones, sleek snake-skin outfits, jewelled straps, etc.

I haven't named my cell phone yet, but I'm thinking of calling it "Leash" - I feel like it controls me!
- Sarah

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

I remember a friend of mine, she named her car, "Fluffy". She would say, "I took Fluffy to a wash" and "Fluffy was so slow today so I took him to the mechanic". I thought it was real cute!

Well me, I don't have names for my stuff. But I have many names for my Dutchman. You don't want to know! Haha

Anonymous Kathy

This entry reminds me of the track "The Naming of Cats" on my "Cats: The Broadway Musical."

Like the Duteched Pinay, I don't name my stuff but I do know people who do name body parts. - Kathy

Anonymous Tina

Is that your hand holding the cell phone? You have model's hand. - Tina

Blogger Nam LaMore

sarah: 'leash' - that sounds appropriate for a cell phone. i might steal that name for my PDA. currently, my cell phone is also my PDA, but that's a good name for the PDA when i get a new, non-PDA cell phone!

the dutched pinay: how funny - i wonder how she got the name 'fluffy' - might have been the name of her childhood pooch. hmmm .. about the pet names for the dutchman, i'm not ready to know yet! but i'll be asking you another time, for sure!

kathy: oh, i remember seeing 'cats' on broadway -- i was with my executives from work, so i couldn't just cut loose and have fun. i had to actually stay a bit alert and carried on as if we were in the office. but i still had a fun time. yeah, i remember that song, it was when all these cats came out and whispered their names .. i think my favorite names were: exotica and monkeystrap

tina: what a funny question to ask. yes, that is my hand, it was difficult to take the picture myself (tried about 5 times). i just gave up and had a friend take the picture. but, that's not my cell phone.

Blogger frankysbride

~way~ funny.
Having been born and growing up in rural Alaska, I refused to name my pet rabbit anything, as I thought it was demeaning beyond words.
Glad you've explained your own theories about naming, as it's help me to understand that whole Adam naming things creation myth a bit better... *bg*

Blogger Nam LaMore

frankysbride: wow, i don't think i can name my dinner :-(

Anonymous Lori

Do you think it's possible that you might be too attached to your devices? I mean naming them means you probably keep them longer than if you didn't name them. - Lori

Blogger Love Hurts

just heard on the radio today, a name for a blow up doll, an 'inflate-a-mate', hehe!

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