Michael Jackson: Dress to Impress

The Michael Jackson child-molestation trial has so many twists and turns that it's like trying to escape from Neverland's funhouseMichael Jackson Preparing for court of mirrors. Though broadcast media has been barred inside the courtroom, what we know so far:
Though all this courtroom antics is slowly taking its toll on the King of Pop, it is not as stressful as having to choose what to wear each morning impress presiding Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville. As MJ has toned down his flashy fashion since the moonwalk-on-SUV incident, perhaps Judge Ito is advising MJ on dressing to impress the judge on court days.

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Blogger Love Hurts

yes, the 'jesus juice' thing, we heard about that too. Wine supposedly being drunk from pepsi cans (only for promotional purposes), how wierd. Do you know what i find really bizarre, apparently a mother watched as he licked her son's head, surely any real parent would stop this straight away.

Anonymous Dave

From your other posts, I wonder if I can get a Happy Meal of Earth Day Burger, Earth First Fries and Jesus Juice. Sounds like it would make me happy!

- Dave (no, not from Wendy's)

Blogger Nam LaMore

love hurts: well, if it was trial by public then MJ getting the slammer is the least of his worries. when i first heard about the head-licking incident, i nearly had an accident (i was driving at the time). as much as i love his music, his freakishness is beginning to get to me .. i hope it doesn't make me dump my collection of MJ tunes.

dave: good one .. it'll be a matter of time before kids can up the 'MJ approved' happy meal .. it'll be scary to see what it includes!

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Big question, since the trial is nearing to the end. Will MJ be found guilty? If he will be, I would bet that he will never go to jail. He will commit suicide.

Blogger Nam LaMore

the dutched pinay: i agree with you: everything is pointing towards a GUILTY verdict. however, as we saw with the oj simpson murder trial (i know: different trial, different time, etc), anything can surely happen. americans are fickle and inconsistent :-)

like you, i don't think he would go to jail - he would be so displaced, it would be worst than putting him on pluto. growing up in the spotlight, and getting everything he wants, the thought of jail would completely warp his world.

suicide? that's an interesting notion. somehow i don't think he has the strength and courage to do that. if anything, he would be killed outright in jail, either due to stress or inmates (there's a notion that inmates dispise others who harm children).

at one point, MJ did have an alliance with the nation of islam (re: malcolm x). it was supposedly to protect his children; this was dissolved when debbie rowe, the mother of two of his children, gave him an ultimatum to disengage the arrangement, or she would pursue custody. personally, i believe he was just setting up his 'jail protection' and the whole 'they are protecting the children' is just a semi-clever PR-spin. too transparent.

Anonymous Dan

I like the MJ list. 4:20 was an important time of the day :-)

Anonymous Mandy

Looks like Barbie and MJ shop at the same Body Shoppe! I always wondered where he got his eyse from -- and it's clear they're from Mom or Dad! - Mandy

Anonymous jean-marie

the witness i want to see hear from is elizabeth taylor; she's been with mj though some really freaking weird times in his life. remember 'bubble,' his pet chimp? i think he still has it -- from your other post, i wonder if bubble learned to smoke? jean-marie

Anonymous Vince

Any news of when Leno will take the stand? That will be a good one to watch. - Vince

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