The Wild Side of the Cola War

Coca-Cola tries new bio-marketing strategyThough Coca-Cola met expectations for Q1 with solid increase in sales, the world's largest beverage maker reported an 11 percent drop in profit.

Always mounting cutting-edge strategies in The Cola War, Coca-Cola is expected to unveil a controversial new marketing campaign: Bio-Marketing. This new marketing campaign is expected to be launched this Friday, April 22 in celebration of the 35th annual Earth Day. This campaign is a result of recent studies showing that visitors to zoos have increased 258% worldwide over the last five years.

One report cites new exhibits and innovative zoo activities contributing to the increase in zoo visits. Popular exhibits include giant pandas and the discoveries of a recently extinct butterfly and the George W Bush bug; and new activities such as the new feral cat hunting event and koala bear coat fashion show prove to be popular with traditionally non-zoo visitors.

A Coca-Cola executive is over-heard saying, "We saw the potential of working with zoos after reviewing the new marketing strategy at Philip-Morris. Everyone at the company is very excited about this new, progressive approach."

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Anonymous Xilia

Actually I work as a photographer for a sock company.. hence the many sock pics....

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

When I first saw this pic, my reaction was awwww...look at the beautiful giraffes! Upon second glance, I reminded myself not to drink Coke anymore!

Blogger Nam LaMore

xilia: i'll go check out where you work .. i can't imagine what it's like to work at a socks company, how do you keep it exciting in the office? but then, i was working with solaris (server software a few years ago) .. and we had to find ways to entertain ourselves.

truejerseygirl: i'm more of a dr pepper drinker .. yeah for the under-dog! i was never crazy about coke, it just seemed a bit too sweet for me; heck, they almost got me with cherry coke .. but i can't betray the dr p!

Anonymous Xilia

There is never a dull moment.. with over 1000 varieties of socks and stockings to review and take pictures of we sometimes can't find the time we need!

Blogger Nam LaMore

xilia: wow .. you must see some really exotic socks. prints can be wild and fun, but i can imagine socks made of different fabrics .. what has caught your eyes?

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