Feral Cat Hunting? Koala Coat?

Koala CoatAP is reporting that Wisconsin residents support the plan to legalize feral cat hunting. Perhaps this is an easy way out for the state to reduce or do away with budgets relating to services provided by SPCA, Humane Society and the likes. Such a cruel ordinance will surely manifest itself through listless teens adding another target to their shooting practice. I wonder how PETA will react to this proposal.
South Dakota and Minnesota both allow wild cats to be shot. Some estimates indicate 2 million wild cats roam Wisconsin. The state says studies show feral cats kill 47 million to 139 million songbirds a year.
If this ordinance comes to pass, then I'm sure such animals as the cute koala bear, the pride and national symbol of Australia, may well be in the crosshair of gun-mongers. Though cat pelt has traditionally been undesirable due to its various colors, abrasiveness to the touch and poor insulating property, koala pelt may find a market due to its beautiful "blue" shades, softness to the touch and excellent insulating property. What's more the koala's dense pelt is naturally imbued with aromatic eucalyptus oils (a side effect of the strict diet of eucalyptus leaves). Hence, a koala coat is nothing short of being wrapped in bliss, and may very well make an appearance in the next fashion runway show [click image to enlarge]. PETA supporters: get your paint buckets ready!
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Anonymous Jessie's Girl

A koala coat ... that's just SICK. But then again, lamb chops are pretty tastey. - Jessie's Girl

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Oh my, the Animal Rights here in the Netherlands will go on hunger strike for this cause, haha.

I know the USA is more tolerant with these but here in NL, you can't just wear any fur coat. It is just not done.... but you can in other countries in Europe especially the ones down south.

If you insist wearing one here, you will either get the following:

1. all the unwanted "are you stupid or just plain arrogant show off pet killer" stare.
2. be harrassed openly in public with Dutch people talking about your lack of taste.
3. your fur coat sprayed with paint or slashed with a knife (forbid!).

Blogger Nam LaMore

jessie's girl: well, i'm not sure if you can get a koala coat anytime soon, but (my sources tell me) there are stuffed toys made of feline fur on ebay.

the dutched pinay: i remember seeing a full-length mink coat on a pimp the last time i was in new york .. i doubt if PETA would cooridnate an attack .. looked like he had several prisonyard worked-out thugs near him. they seriously were pimped out with the gold chains, fidora hats, etc.

though i'm against wearing fur, i do own several leather belts .. some of my liberal friends mock me for caving to fashion magazines.

Anonymous Candice R

My grandmother gave me her most charished item (other than old letters and photos): a full-length sable mink coat. It was a gift from grandpa for when she got some degree (she went back to college later in life). Anyhow, I took it. I couldn't say no.

I've had it for a few years now, and it's hangs nicely in the closet. I do take it out during the cold months when the family gets together. I make sure to wear if grandma is going to be there. Her face lights up when she sees me wearing it.

So PETA can go f*ck themselves if they thing I'm not going to make my grandma happy by showing my appreciation.

- Candice

Anonymous Anonymous

Hey, I'm with PETA and I find your koala coat very offensive. I'm going to get my boss to look at your blog. KT

Blogger Rik

I'm with PETA too - People Eating Tasty Animals


Blogger mquest

How does one tell the difference between a wild cat and family pet? Is it fair game if it does not have a pink bow? The whole thing sounds rather silly.

Blogger Nam LaMore

candice: it's understandable that you keep and wear a fur coat that your grandmother gave to you, there are sentimental values. also, back in the grandmother's days, people attached different values to things. wear your coat proudly in public! i support you

anonymous/KT: yes .. yes .. one size does not fit all, i say.

rik: you're too much .. i'm trying to think of the last exotic animal i had for a meal, might have been stir-fried grasshoppers with curry power in thailand .. there's not that much opportunities to try exotic stuff in calif - tofu prepared in various ways don't count!

mquest: i suppose in the future, all pets will need to have electronic ID tags and guns won't be able to lock onto a tagged target. my pet giant panda is already tagged.

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