Play CEO Without Studying

Imagine how far Brenda Barnes would have gone had she graduated from Harvard, Princeton or Yale. No need, Barnes says. Attending Augustana College in Rock Island, Ill., "made me CEO of Sara Lee," she says. With a workforce of 150,400 and 2004 sales of $19.6 billion, Sara Lee is the largest corporation with a female CEO. More at USAToday->
Well since I don't have a degree from an Ivy League school perhaps I still have a shot at playing CEO one day! Funny, but the non-profit organization WITI (Women In Technology International) accepts membership from men. I wonder if defunct HP rockstar Carly is paying attention to Brenda's cue .. Brenda doesn't have any problem being pointed out as a female CEO.

science symbolIn a related story, Harvard U's prez is still taking up the debate over women in science. Doesn't he know when to quit? I guess Larry Summers is some sort of a masochist, as he enjoys the public beating whenever he opens his mouth on this topic.
Harvard University President Lawrence Summers carefully waded back into the debate over women in science on Thursday, three months after his remarks on the topic sparked outrage among some faculty. More from Reuters ->
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