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Pan-Am Airline
WASHINGTON (AP) -- JetBlue was once again ranked as offering the best service in an annual survey that also found five of the top six airlines are low-fare carriers. AirTran Airways, Southwest Airlines and United rounded out the top of the national Airline Quality Rating study, released Monday. More at CNN/AP ->
As a kid, I was probably on a plane more than most other kids (dad was in the military). Remember Pan-Am Airline? I'm pretty sure we were frequent flyers on Pan-Am because we had the full Pan-Am cutlery service sets for ten by the time I was eight years old. I bet if I look around my mom's garage, I'll find the utensils somewhere; I wonder if I can get anything for them on eBay [note to self: search eBay to see if there's a demand]. At one point, I thought that being an airline attendant would have been fun .. but then, I woke up from a deep sleep and realized that the constant changing time zones would be too stressful for me.

Unrelated, but I hope Congress will not pass a bill to allow the use of cell phones on airlines. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, "cellphone use could be cleared for takeoff." It seems like from the article a company by the name of Aircell Inc. is pushing for this, since they are developing the services, while Airbus out of France plans to enable in-flight cell phone calls as early as 2006. Though reportedly "any scheme would have to pass the scrutiny of the FAA, which shares jurisdiction with the FCC."

Now the cost to enable this to happen would be huge, and the phone bill will be like having a Starbucks cafe mocha every minute, but it looks like someone has some energy and is trying to clear cell phones for takeoff.

For me, I prefer having my airtime without cell phones. I can't imagine the constant chattering all over the plane, for in time, I'm sure they will figure out a way to bring the cost down. I guess one can always put a headset on. that sounds friendly huh?

Allow passengers to use cell phones on commercial airlines?
YES NO MAYBE (with restrictions) Undecided

The last airline I enjoyed flying on was Cathay Pacific. Just for the record, my airline of choice is America Airline (Unitd Airline is a close second, and they have the best airline commercials, the music is Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue).

Ok, I still haven't seen Oscar Award-winning "Aviator" yet .. but I'll recommend that you go rent "View from the Top" (Candice Bergen is very funny).

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Anonymous Darrel Ackerman

If Congress allows cell phones on airplanes, then I refuse to use headsets when watching movies on my laptops. - Darrel Ackerman

Anonymous Georgette Ambrose

Well, count your blessing that you didn't go into the airline industry. It's so bad right now; seems like we're going through a massive lay-off and there's no end in sight. - Georgette Ambrose

Anonymous Paul Mills

Well, I haven't been on a plane since Sept 11. Things are just out of control at the moment, and I don't see it getting any better for a long time. This country is sort of messed up right now.
- Paul Mills

Anonymous Blake Torres

I miss old days. Remember when you actually could have a decent meal on the airline? The food now just sucks. Flying just isn't fun any more.

Yeah, I watched "View from the Top" and really like it.

- Blake Torres

Blogger Nam LaMore

darrel: yeah, i agree with you .. i'm just not thrilled with the thought of being confined and having to listen to someone's conversation. heck, i'll probably participate in THEIR conversations if it gets unbarable!

georgette: yes, the airline industry continues to take its toll on its workforce. i know several people who have been given the pink-slips in recent months. the thing about the airline industry is: there is workforce loyalty, so many of these recent lay-off friends haven't a clue what to do next.

paul: hey, george w is doing his best, but i'm not sure what that means. seems like it's getting messier each time he tries to do something.

blake: can't agree with you there .. don't think i enjoyed airline food, i was always packing a snack on long flights .. i was way popular with my seating partner when i bring mcdonald's fries on!

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