HDTV Reveals Beauty Is Skin Deep

HDTV - Beauty is skin deepA friend forwarded an interesting article about HDTV (high-definition television) that reminded me of a favorite 80's tune by the Buggles, "Video Killed the Radio". Trivia: This was the first video to air on MTV, the fledgling music cable network; the year was 1981.
There is no escaping the naked lens of High-Definition TV. The picture is so clear that aging signs and skin imperfections are clearly visible. Below is our "Top 10" list of which celebrities look better -- and worse -- in high-def. More at OnHD.TV ->
HDTV, according to the site, may spell the downfall of some celebrities, and increase the popularity of others. Check the site for a more comprehensive list.
HOT: Anna Kournikova, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Charlize Therzon, etc.
NOT: Cameron Diaz, Michael Douglas, Britney Spears, etc.
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Anonymous kirk

this explains why cameron diaz has been doing alot of dancing and singing in movies ... she probably wants to branch out so that she can count on other skills for when she gets kicked off the silver screen. - kirk

Anonymous Elizabeth Salinas

HA! I love it ... I knew Cameron's time would run out soon. She might be cute, but she can't act! - Elizabeth Salinas

Anonymous Sandra Louchard

I was at Sears tonight, and almost got an plasma, HD-ready TV, but I just couldn't shell out the $2,000 for a 30" set .. I could just get a non-plasma 30" for $300. So, I guess I'll wait and continue using my dinosaur, hand-me-down 22" from the mid '90s! Oh well, time to buy another lottery ticket. - Sandra Louchard

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