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Victoria's Secrets v 3 Freedom 90No doubt Victoria's Secret new book, "SEXY Volume 3: A Tribute to a Decade of Sexy Swimwear" is going to be a standard coffee table book for all bachelors. Remember George Michael's supermodel-ladened "Freedom '90" and "Too Funky" music videos? I recognized all the names and faces from those videos, but Victoria's new catalogue has lots of names and faces that just aren't memorable.

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of Victoria's Secret Swim, the lingerie mega-retailer produced a third book, "SEXY Volume 3: A Tribute to a Decade of Sexy Swimwear," featuring supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio, Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova, Adriana Lima, Michelle Alves, Marisa Miller, Ana Beatriz, Heidi Klum, Angela Lindvall, Fernanda Motta, Oluchi Onweagba and Erin Wasson.

If you've been wondering who the sexy supermodels in George's Freedom '90 video are: Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, and Linda Evangelista. Some eye-candy stills from the "Freedom '90" video:
George Michael's Freedom 90George Michael's Freedom 90George Michael's Freedom 90George Michael's Freedom 90
George Michael's Freedom 90George Michael's Freedom 90George Michael's Freedom 90George Michael's Freedom 90

For the "Too Funky" video, the sexy vixens striking a pose are: Emma Sjoberg, Nadja Auermann, Yasmeen Ghauri, Tyra Banks, Beverly Peele, Linda Evangelista, and Estelle Hallyday. More! eye-candy stills from the "Too Funky" video:

Linda Evangelista in George Michael's Too FunkyGeorge Michael's Too FunkyEstelle Hallyday in George Michael's Too FunkyTyra Banks in George Michael's Too Funky
George Michael's Too FunkyGeorge Michael's Too FunkyGeorge Michael's Too FunkyGeorge Michael's Too Funky
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Anonymous JZ

OH YEAH! Love his vidoes. I just can't believe no one saw how gay he was. He was always around hot chicks, but there was never a rumor about him hooking up with any of them. - JZ

Anonymous Kara

I HATE Naomi Campbell. From what I've seen and read, she's just one f*cking b*tch ... and it's not going to get any better as she caves into her insecurities as she age. However, I do have to say that she is aging well (or is that just Botox)? - Kara "Ms Thing" Y.

Anonymous CN

I'll have to swing by a Victoria's Secret on the way home. I'll just tell the sales chick I need a catalog for my wife! - C. Nis

Anonymous Scotty

Those are the sexiest videos EVER. I don't think I've seen other music videos that have more supermodels in them. - Scotty

Blogger Nam LaMore

jz: yeah, my friend and i were always wondering about george michael, and, since his beverly hills bathroom situation, we know! and he's even better after that 'incident!'

kara: i've heard things about her, but haven't formed an opinion on her yet .. but i'll tell you as soon as i run into her!

cn: i'm sure you're not the first guy (going into victoria's secret solo) to ask for a catalogue, just buy something and make it a 'future date' gift.

scotty: yeah, i can't think of any other music videos that are sexier .. maybe 'rock dj' by robbie williams, but that's about it.

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

hey nam,

my fave 80s to early 90s supermodels were cindy crawford, paulina porizkova, elle mcpherson, and claudia schiffer.

have you see this music video clip, CALL ON ME? th clip is about a dance aerobics session and the dances, moves, expressions, and angles shot were so darn provocative. dutchman and i thought it was really sexy. let me check if i have a copy of it (had it in the office, dunno if i have it here in my home mailbox) and will let you know.

Blogger Nam LaMore

the dutched pinay: ah, you've named all my girls .. those are on my list of supermodels to meet (heck, i don't think i would turn down meeting any supermodels .. well, maybe naomi .. she has bad pr, for whatever reasons).

well, i am a long-time user of limewire (familiar with it? it's a free service similiar to napster) .. hypothetically, if i were to download music and such, then i would be looking up 'call on me' sometime this weekend .. that's only hypothetically speaking, of course.

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