DST: In Darkness Look to the Light

sundialLittle known fact: Buried within the Energy Bill, lawmakers want to extend Daylight Saving Time (DST) by two months. The idea of DST is to make better use of daylight (during the summer an hour is moved from the morning to the evening). This seems like such a good idea, that's the equivalent of saving about 10,000 barrels of oils a day in the U.S. (apparently, we use about 20 million barrels of oils a day in the U.S.).

Hey, I'm all for energy conservation ... Someone care to make an argument not to extend DST?
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Anonymous Chester Cooper

OK - Until all the clocks and watches automatically set themselves, I vote we get rid of DST completely. I don't have to set my cell phone's clock; but I have to set the clock on the wall, in the car, on my wrist, etc. When will this madness end? - Chester Cooper

Blogger Nam LaMore

chester: I can't argue with you there .. it's an annoyance, but I think that GPS capability will eventually be in everything.

Blogger Victoria Winters

Hi Nam. Thanks for commenting on my site. I just added Haloscan last night because Blogger's always going wonky on me and I figured I wasn't getting comments because of it. (So far this theory is proving correct!) If you use Blogger, do the automatic installer - it worked fine for me, with the exception of changing my older, archived posts. Oh well. At least the new ones are hooked up now.
Actually, I'm at your site now and it looks like you installed it just fine!

Anonymous Jessie's Girl

I love DST .. I use a little trick to remind to remember when to fall/spring the clock back .. get it? FALL is when you turn the time back; SPRING to turn the time forward. Simple, huh?

- Jessie's Girl

Blogger Nam LaMore

victoriai really liked your site, and will visit foten. as for haloscan, i think i've botched it .. it only looks like it's 'installed' but i bet if you look at the code, you'll go 'what the MOFO did he do?!?' this is my first blog (but some would say it's a website!), so i'm still experimenting.

jessie's girl yeah, that's the same trick i use .. it seems so simple, but i do mess up alot when it comes to time and time zones. maybe one day, we'll do away with all of that!

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