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Bootie Party, the monthly mash-up bootleg partyReady to see Snoop Dogg take on Gun 'n Roses? It's the weekend, and I'm going to the monthly mash-up bootleg BOOTIE PARTY tonight .. had a blast the last time I went. Mash-up is the latest thing in the music scene: the art of blending an 80's tune with a current hit. The first mash-up I heard was "Whitney Houston vs U2: Take Me to the Clouds Above." I recommend that you get a copy if you want to get into the revolution and witness cutting-edge creativity of techno-DJs. Other fun mash-ups queued in my iTunes player (see if you can guess the original tunes used for the mash-up):
That's how I'm spending my weekend, and you?

Bootie Party, the monthly mash-up bootleg partyBootie Party, the monthly mash-up bootleg partyBootie Party, the monthly mash-up bootleg partyBootie Party, the monthly mash-up bootleg party
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Anonymous Jimmy

I love mash-ups. I've been downloading the mixes for about a year now, and the best one is anything with 'Sandstorm'. - DJ Jim

Anonymous Anonymous

We have a DJ here (I'm in Denver, CO) who is pretty good at mashing-up music, but he doesn't always pick songs that's good together. So, sometimes it's a total train wreck.
- Steve, "The Gay Muse"

PS: I see you like mythologies, too. I especially like reading up on Egyptian mythology.

Anonymous Jane H

Love mash-ups! Like you, the first one I heard was "Take Me to the Clouds Above" - but instead of Whitney, I think it was someone else, LMC, I think. Jane

Anonymous Rick

Anyone know where's a good place to download music? I was using Napster a few years ago, but have been cooling it off with the downloading. I want to get back downloading music, but not sure where to go now. - Rick

Anonymous the old brick

I've done a search, but can't find the info: is mash-up only for rock/roll hits? or does it also include oldies? I would love to hear mash-up of Al Green & The Supremes. - the old brick

Anonymous Anonymous

Well, downloading music isn't all that bad ... even the court is avoiding the question! - TC

Blogger Nam LaMore

jimmy:hmmm .. i wonder if you're the same dj jim i know who lives in the city; we haven't talked in a while, but i hope all is doing well. are you going to burning man this year? i'm thinking about it; i do have a couple of tickets, so i may just show up!

steve: the gay muse? have you inspired any artist i might be aware of? i remember going to a few few clubs in denver; been so long, i don't remember the names but might have been traxx (for one club).

but the best time i had was when i went hiking at the garden of the gods. i had a fun time, and ended up packing a few rocks to take back home. at the airport, the porter said, "what do you have in there, rocks?" he had no idea!

jane: yes, you're absolutely correct .. on that track, it's actually not whitney but lmc; i just couldn't remember who it was (sorry).

rick: well, just consider it hypothetically .. if i were to download music, then i would use limewire p2p; i understand it's a FREE SERVICE.

this old brick: it would be cool to get mash-ups of other music styles, but i think it is just modern/punk/rock .. i haven't heard of any mash-up that has golend oldies, jazz, etc. but, who know, i'll have to bring this up the DJs the at the next BOOTIE.

TC: well, i won't get into that ...

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