Panda Now .. People Next

KISS Panda bearsBEIJING (Reuters) - China will implant high-tech identification tags into all its captive pandas in an effort to better monitor the population and prevent inbreeding, the Xinhua news agency said on Saturday. More from Reuters ->

I don't suppose I can convince the Chinese government that the pet giant panda in the backyard is actually mine after they run him through the barcode scanner. I do have a conspiracy theory in the works, though. I think the Chinese government is just using the giant pandas as a decoy and the real target for the electronic IDs is people .. if a cute giant pandas can get implanted electronic IDs, then wouldn't kids be pestering their parents to get implanted electronic IDs, too? The giant pandas pictured here are no longer in concert.

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Anonymous Audrey

LOL! That's just great. I love it. Hey, thanks for the link. ;)

Anonymous tammy rice

I love the pandacam. I got caught having it on my computer when the boss walked by. But she liked pandas too (who doesn't?!?), so it was cool.

Tammy Rice

Anonymous Anonymous

Pandas are so cute, and I love the picture. I bet some company will actually bio-engineer animals with custom patterns.

- vj

Anonymous Chester Reyna

I think we need to implant electronic IDs in our children, that way we can protect them better.

- Chester Reyna

Blogger Gritsforbreakfast

Maybe it's because I'm from the semi-rural South, but I don't have a big problem with tagging animals. My problem is, I don't want us to start tagging people like cattle, or for that matter pandas, either with RFIDs or by gathering facial recognition data and tracking us via video. The technology is moving FAAAAAST, and there's good uses and bad ones. RFIDs are fine for your dog, IMO, not your friggin kid! Thanks for stopping by Grits, btw. Best,

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