Robert Blake: Welcome to the O.J. Simpson Club

Robert BlakeLOS ANGELES - The jury in the Robert Blake (news) murder trial reached a verdict Wednesday after deliberating for more than eight days on whether the actor killed his wife. More from AP ->

Amazing .. Blake is accused of killing his wife (Bonny Lee Bakley) on May 4, 2001. Not a very bright jury pool for this trial because Blake is a free man, acquitted on two counts and the third was thrown out .. this after his infamous statement (paraphrase), "I couldn't have done it, I was getting my gun that I left at the restaurant when she was murdered."

His next move: "I'm broke. I need a job." But first, he's gonna cowboy around. Robert Blank and O.J. Simpson are now card-carrying members of a very exclusive clubs: Celebrity Murderers Who Got Away.

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Anonymous Anonymous

Blake's a mess. I know he did it. LA jurors are so dumb.

Anonymous Mary Todd

Was that the surprise look when the juror said he was 'not guilty'? I mean, he looked very surprised.

- Mary Todd

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