Sun Microsystems supernova server systems

I ran across an article about Sun Microsystems, and thought it was amusing. The article talks about Sun's new server systems, and at the end mentions the codename "Supernova systems" -- at first, this may seem cool and hip ...
Sun Microsystems this week began shipping a new, more powerful version of its UltraSparc IV processor with its Sun Fire v490 and v890 systems, and it expects to begin shipping the chip with its entire line of UltraSparc IV-based Sun Fire systems within the next few weeks, a company executive said Thursday. More at InfoWorld ->
supernovaHowever, having paid attention to my middle school teacher, I looked up the meaning of a 'supernova' ... Isn't a supernova the last stage in a star's (re: sun's) life cycle before it fades into oblivion? Worst codename/product name ever ...

"Like novas, supernovas undergo a tremendous, rapid brightening lasting a few weeks, followed by a slow dimming, and show blue-shifted emission lines on spectroscopy, which implies that hot gases are blown outward. Unlike a nova, a supernova explosion is a catastrophic event for a star, leading to its collapse into a neutron star or black hole." - Britanica Encyclopedia

The last line cracks me up!
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Anonymous Anonymous

Sun is still around? Holy Cr*p!

I thought they burned out during the bomb.

Anonymous AM

I used to love using Sun products, but they really hit bottom with the dot-bust and made terrible decisions regarding who runs the company.

Johnathan Schwartz doesn't seem to know how to run Sun; sure, he has experience with Lighthouse (that Sun bought for, and did nothing to write home about). But that little company private company is not Sun.

- Alice Mcdowel

Anonymous Frank

So I here that Sun is about to announce something called 'Galexy' - it'll be intersting to see what that's about.

- Frank Singh

Anonymous Anonymous

but if i have to go, i want to go out as a supernova....the last image i saw of a supernova, it was seven light years across.

Anonymous Anonymous

An old post, and yes a supernova is the last stage in a star's life. However when a star supernovas, it leaves behind a nebula, a gas cloud which becomes a stellar nursery where new stars develop. So for a new Sun to be born, the old Sun must be blown up. And yes, that is exactly why the Supernova code name was chosen.

Blogger Nam LaMore

dear anonymous - thank you for leaving your mark - you can always email me if there is a dispute. you comment sounds like a partyline, one that is rather weak. however, in addition to having a science background, i spent time searching the internet for clues pointing to the truth. a supernova is made of matter (as all tangible things in the universe are), and when it explodes it does leave matters behind to be reused to form stars, comets, dust clouds, space debris. so any company chosing the codename of "supernova" makes no sense: it's still something that is dieing.

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